Liberals Blaming Climate Change for the Increasing Number of Fat Kids (VIDEO)

The conservative political philosophy is based on time-honored values that work to uphold the status quo. The best course of action isn't necessarily change for the sake of change. Liberal thought, on the other hand, is the antithesis of conservative thought.

Democrats are liberal progressives. They support a considerably more extreme approach to governmental regulations and social reforms. Progressive Democrats are willing to make changes for the sake of making changes, regardless of the consequences.

One of the more extreme grievances of the left is the environment. Fossil fuels and other proven energy sources are readily abandoned in favor of anything that is deemed "alternative" by progressive policies. Liberals believe that suffering should be acceptable in exchange for change. Well, as long as we're the ones suffering and not them.

To elicit support, the liberal left screams everything that’s going wrong in the world is connected to climate change. The left somehow believes that the economy is failing because the summer temperatures have been warmer than normal.

It’s not. The economy is in a crisis, because the liberal left keeps passing insanely radical “tax and spend” legislation that keeps flooding the market with money. But according to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, we need to prioritize climate change policy, not economic policy.

This strategy, to divert every conversation about every problem in America back to climate change, is insane. We’re waiting for someone from Joe Biden’s inept defense team to say that climate change is responsible for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The liberal mainstream media parrots this same insane narrative. For example, CBS Mornings just made one of the craziest connections between a U.S. crisis and climate change yet. There is obviously an obesity issue in the United States.

Sadly, this destructive health problem is growing increasingly more apparent in our children. Children are overweight, and there’s a trend towards them getting even fatter. A 2021 study showed that because of the lockdowns, nearly 50 percent of U.S. children are overweight.

But instead of addressing diet and exercise, the root of the problem, CBS blamed something else. They missed the scientific data that showed the liberal left’s Draconian lockdown policies helped trigger this wave of obesity. No, the left says something else is to blame.

Climate change is responsible for increasing the number of fat kids. Rightfully, obesity in the U.S. has been labeled an epidemic. However, it has nothing to do with the weather. If you lived in a more northern part of the U.S., you may fondly recall playing in the snow.

Weather is not responsible for the lackadaisical, nose stuck in a mobile device-mentality of today’s children. A game of hopscotch or kick the can have far better health benefits than staring at a screen for hours, playing senseless video games.

Children are sedentary, much more so than even senior adults. Kids are simply no longer encouraged to engage in physical activities. A startling number of kids between the ages of 5 and 18 do nothing but sit around on their butts for the majority of the day.

But somehow, a fabricated “climate change” phenomenon is the reason that kids are growing more obese and less healthy every day? If this sounds preposterous, that’s because it is. Blaming climate change for everything befalling society is both illogical and dangerous.

Take a look at what fitness programs in school looked like around 50 years ago. There is a big difference between what kids did then versus now.

We’re not going to fix a change in the earth’s climate overnight. Radical policies to try to do so are destined to fail. However, turning a blind eye to the circumstances that are the root cause of serious problems and blaming them all on the climate is dangerous.

It may be too late to fix these problems once we realize that climate had nothing to do with them. Maybe a little less unhealthy fast food and junk snacks would help. Possibly encouraging kids to become more active would have a positive effect on the alarming obesity numbers.

But that’s not how the liberal left thinks. They believe a windier, rainier, or hotter day is responsible for fat kids. The only wind that’s causing the problem is all the hot air blowing out of the mouths of the far left about climate change.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Come Along

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