Liberal Mayor Declares State of Emergency Over Migrants Bussed to Sanctuary City

When a liberal politician claims that "illegal lawbreakers" should be given refuge, it is pretty ironic. The progressive left thinks that everyone should be able to live in America and receive tons of free things simply for breaking the law. But don't come to their city, please.

Leftist Mayor Muriel Bowser issues a state of emergency after a busload of undocumented immigrants arrives in Washington, D.C.

But that's how the liberal left works. Like clanging symbols, they make noise. They shout out in favor of inclusivity, diversity, and equality, but when it comes time to put their money where their mouth is, their actions are far different.

However, they want to call for an emergency when they are made to shoulder the blame for issues that result from their own stupid views. Bowser expelled the National Guard soldiers who had been dispatched to restore order while her city was under siege during the 2020 riots.

Just days after Bowser booted out the troops, violent leftists defaced the WWII Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. The radical rioters also torched a 200-year-old church. But that’s all okay with Bowser. To her and the liberal left, these symbols represent tyranny.

They don’t, but self-serving, entitled politicians like Muriel Bowser do. So, the same mayor who stood by and watched her city get looted and pillaged now screams “emergency” when bus loads of illegal citizens begin pouring into her beloved city. That seems a little rich.

On Thursday, Bowser declared a public emergency over the thousands of migrants being bused to Washington, D.C. These bus loads of illegal border crossers are coming in mostly from Texas and Arizona. Conservatives insist that if liberals want to let them in, they can take care of them.

The liberal D.C. mayor says her city will create an Office of Migrant Services to help those arriving in the city. Another funny twist to this story is the Pentagon has twice rejected a request from Bowser seeking the National Guard’s assistance.

She watched as thugs destroyed the nation’s capital city, but now she wants help. How convenient that Bowser calls the wave of illegal migrants a “growing humanitarian crisis.” Conservatives have been calling what’s happening at our southern border the same thing.

It’s an ongoing “humanitarian crisis”. People are dying by the hundreds. Drugs are pouring across our border, killing our young people in record numbers. Where was the cry of “crisis” when all this was isolated to the struggling border communities? It wasn’t there!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott vows to keep the buses rolling out of Texas and into these Democrat-run cesspools. Border communities all along the U.S. southern border are being overwhelmed with illegal migrants.

However, liberal city mayors panic when they get a small percentage of this wave of humanity dumped in their backyard. Doesn’t that seem a bit ironic? Want to proclaim your city a sanctuary that offers protection to people who break the law? If so, expect someone to call your bluff.

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