LeBron "LeB**ch" James Gets WRECKED After Terrible Sportsmanship After Playoff Losses

I don't there has ever been a more hated player in the NBA than LeBron James.

If you're someone who follows sports, then you're probably aware that right now the NBA playoffs are happening.

As much as I enjoy sports, I no longer watch the NBA because of how woke they've become.

I'm not going to support this garbage that they're doing now. I watch sports as a means of getting away from politics, I don't want politics ingrained in my entertainment, but that seems to be the trend from woke Hollywood and woke sports leagues.

I know I'm not the only one either because the NBA ratings have taken a massive hit for the second year following their insistence on becoming the new social justice warriors.

Truth be told, I had no idea that the NBA playoffs were going on because I've separated myself from the NBA that much.

Then, I happened to see this about LeBron James.

He essentially quit playing with three minutes left in the game because he knew they weren't going to win. Take a look:

I can only think, what a fitting image of liberals. They're babies, just like LeBron.

And that's not the only thing he did during this series. In game five, he actually walked off the court with five minutes remaining in the game. Watch:

Well, he was ripped to shreds by Clay Travis:

“LeBron leaves the court without congratulating the Suns. Vintage move. LeB****,” sports commentator Clay Travis posted after the game.

“LeBron later signed a jersey for Booker after the game,” Travis added. “But the point remains he left the court with five minutes left in game five and he was the only Laker who didn’t stay and congratulate the Suns after game six on the court.”

Another user tweeted,

Look. I’m a @Lakers fan & I’m ecstatic for the @Suns. Both can be true. But right now I’m more excited for the Suns than I am mad the Lakers lost. LeBron quitting & complaining at the end of multiple games, not shaking hands, walking off early...gross. Ready for post-Lebron era.

You and me both. But honestly, I'm ready for the NBA to go broke instead. Go woke...go broke, and good riddance.

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