Leaked Phone Call Exposes Plans to Combat Religious Exemption

One of the biggest characteristics of the Biden administration is his oppression of anyone who doesn't fit the liberal's ideal mold.

If you have an opinion about something or cherish your freedom, then you definitely are the scum of the earth in the eyes of the left and therefore deserve to be oppressed.

He has undermined our Constitution, his border policies violate U.S. immigration laws, and he has even weaponized the federal government against parents.

The Biden Department of Justice has attempted to sue states for enacting voter integrity laws and abortion legislation. One of Biden’s most unconstitutional pursuits is a federal vaccine mandate. Biden wants every American to be forced into “getting the jab”.

Biden’s federal vaccine mandate violates a number of constitutional rights. From a medical perspective alone, Joe Biden does not have the right to order American citizens to get a COVID vaccination. Our medical choices are our own.

Such a federal mandate is unconstitutional. However, Joe Biden and his liberal socialist minions keep trying to sidestep the constitution. One God-given right Americans can exercise, when choosing to take a particular medicine or medical procedure, is the religious exemption.

Under the right to religious freedom, a religious exemption to a COVID vaccine mandate should be a slam dunk. However, under the manipulative Joe Biden administration it is not. However, Joe Biden’s clandestine attempts at a federal vaccine mandate have been exposed.

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec learned of a leaked conversation between Joe Biden and a DOJ lawyer. DOJ attorney Marty Lederman was coaching Biden on how to handle honest Americans who exercise the religious exemption when they are forced to get a COVID vaccination.

Joe Biden isn’t interested in being the leader of a nation based on the rule of law. He is a crooked president, a president who cheated to win his way into the White House, who cares nothing about American’s constitutional liberties.

Joe Biden wants his vaccine mandate. All Joe Biden wants to do is find a way to manipulate the American public into following his every order. That is not a democracy. Joe Biden is not a president. He is a dictatorial puppet for the radical socialist wing of the Democrat Party.

Many of the current COVID vaccines were tested using fetal tissue grown from aborted babies. Just like the DOJ’s push against state rights, Joe Biden is trying to weaponize his legal team against religious Americans who are exercising their right to refuse such a medicine.

Lederman was schooling Biden on how much of a problem religious exemptions could become. Trying to circumvent the right to a religious exemption presents a far more serious danger for Americans than Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate.

Now Joe Biden and the liberal progressives are trying to tell the American people what their religious beliefs should be. Joe Biden’s Department of Justice isn’t trying to enforce the constitutional rights of Americans; they’re trying to undermine them.

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