Leaked Hospital Records Reveal HUGE Automated Price Gouging for Healthcare

The COVID pandemic has created an enormous number of suspicious things. We’ve been told to “follow the science”, but dozens of policy decisions seem totally devoid of any scientific reasoning.

Likewise, reports have uncovered huge discrepancies surrounding the reporting of COVID cases. Patients entering the hospital for a variety of different reasons, patients who eventually tested as COVID-positive, have been entered as “COVID-caused” admissions.

Following this same logic, there have been a great many questions about how COVID deaths are being tabulated. True causes of death are ignored when the patient tests positive for COVID. However, recent reports have uncovered an even more sinister discrepancy.

The discrepancy is the actual costs medical patients would otherwise be billed during non-pandemic periods. Leaked hospital records from a Southern California hospital reveal an alarming revelation in how often and by how much money this practice has exploited.

It appears that hundreds of medical establishments across the United States, testing facilities and hospitals alike, indiscriminately jack up the cost of many procedures. Price hikes of well over 600 percent are being automatically added to patient’s bills.

This is an obvious reason why America’s $4 trillion healthcare industry is the most overpriced and abused healthcare system in the world. This upwards trend in padded medical bills was initially triggered by the implementation of Obamacare.

Once a virus escaped out of a virology lab in Wuhan, China, a new window of opportunity has opened to the crooked administrators who abuse the U.S. healthcare system. It’s as if corrupt hospital administrations didn’t think anyone would be paying attention amid all the confusion.

They were wrong. Healthcare professionals are feeling compelled to speak out. One nurse at a SoCal medical facility spoke anonymously. She fears that her job will be in jeopardy, if word got out she revealed this crooked scheme to defraud millions of patients.

The nurse provided screenshots of actual bills that were jacked up as much as 600 percent. The bureaucrats running America’s healthcare facilities are brazen about the whole situation. The software used for medical billing even shows the formula used to calculate bills.

One example targeted the cost per unit for stitches. The Scripps’ System displays a cost of $19.30 per unit, or stitch. However, when the bill is printed, the cost charged to a patient’s health insurance is a whopping $149.58 per stitch.

That’s an astronomical increase of 675 percent. This same practice is happening with hundreds of different billable aspects of healthcare. These bills, usually for basic medical items and supplies, are separate from invoices sent for procedures such as X-rays or anesthesia.

These costs have increased exponentially during COVID as well. Many of these bills are being generated while a patient is still lying on the operating table. Another bill showed the cost of an antimicrobial solution was jacked up 575 percent when the final bill hit the patient’s insurer.

The standard charge for surgical cutting tools, typically around $100, is being billed at nearly $700 per blade. This corruption of our healthcare system especially affects the low or uninsured patients. One healthcare provider billed a woman over $800 for a plastic walking boot.

She decided to explore why the cost seemed so high. What she found was startling. The same exact boot can be purchased on Amazon for under $100. This is not an accident. Healthcare facilities are ripping off the system and have been for years.

Senseless provisions, billing loopholes written within the health insurance mandates of Obamacare, opened up this window for even more corruption. The worst global health crisis in over a century has created a whole new way to cheat the system.

Healthcare facilities, in conjunction with deceitful health insurers, are bilking the American public. There are thousands of dedicated medical professionals working to save lives in our country. These hardworking frontline workers are not the problem.

The problem is the system. It is inherently corrupt. Medical bureaucrats and hospital administrators are abusing Americans. It is solely responsible for why, for millions in America, healthcare is unaffordable. Stop healthcare corruption, and we’d go far towards repairing the system itself.

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