Lawsuit from Jeffrey Epstein Victim Reveals DISTURBING Details About Him and Ghislaine Maxwell

From beyond the grave, Jeffrey Epstein is creeping his way back into the news cycle once again.

Even though he is dead - or at least that's what the mainstream media claims - we are learning just how wildly insane his trafficking operation truly was.

This time the scoop has to do with not just Epstein, but his former lover Ghislaine Maxwell.

The reports of rape and sexual perversion took a more sinister turn in light of a recent lawsuit which has revealed some extremely disturbing details.

One of the women who accused Epstein of rape has also leveled even more alarming allegations. The story is something almost so unbelievable it might be mistaken for a smutty sex novel. It's not. It's a real life story of threats and deception.

The accuser said Epstein raped her in 2008, at his Palm Beach home. Maxwell was there as well. If she went to the police, the accuser was warned of dire consequences. Seems Maxwell made a call to the police and insinuated that the accuser herself should be arrested for prostitution.

Maxwell made idle threats that she could have the accuser's child taken away. Epstein would make threats that he would exercise his insider connections with federal law enforcement and the CIA if the woman spoke of the abuse.

Violent threats were spewed as Epstein and Maxwell evidently passed this woman off to dozens of their perverted cronies. The threats insisted that they would feed her to alligators if she whispered a word about their clandestine activities. Epstein even dragged the woman to the waters' edge to drive home the severity of his threat.

Two estate managers for Epstein are named in the lawsuit. These same men are also under indictment by the U.S. Virgin Islands Justice Department for their part in the Epstein sex ring. Maxwell was indicted herself in New York.

She was arrested in Bradford, New Hampshire in July 2020. Maxwell has been indicted by the U.S. District Court of Southern New York. Her charges include conspiracy to entice minors to engage in illegal sex, plus a conspiracy to transport minors for sex. Maxwell has also been charged with perjury.

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