Lawmaker Announces Retaliatory Bill Following Roe v Wade Decision

Following the announcement of the Supreme Court's opinion, liberals have lost their minds and the Democrats in Congress have proven to everyone that they don't actually care about being fair and representing the people.

But the insanity reaches even beyond Washington, D.C. and extends to the states as well. The clearest way that this has been expressed is by Democrat Oklahoma State Rep. Mickey Dollens.

Mickey Dollens extended an invitation to his colleagues legislators, asking them to join him in co-authoring a bill that would make a vasectomy obligatory for all young men in the state of Oklahoma.

The vasectomy would not be reversed for any of the men until they could each demonstrate that they were emotionally and financially secure, and not a single minute before that.

Dollens is only raising this bill to make the point that it is absurd for the state to have such an intrusive control over a person's body, therefore if any of this sounds insane, it is because Dollens is only raising it to make that point. But apparently when the federal government had control over the matter it was okay? Well, that's because it was in their favor.

After the decision was reached last week by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, which basically ruled that the constitution does not protect a woman's right to have an abortion, this invasive control is exactly what will happen to many women in the United States.

But do you understand what this actually demonstrates about Dollens and other Democrats? It demonstrates that the way that they feel necessary to govern is through retaliation. That is not how a government is to be run. Be upset. Be mad. Be furious. But authoring retaliatory legislation is childish and harmful and this man should be removed from his office along with everyone who co-authored the bill. They are completely unfit to serve the people.

Photo Credit: Alamy

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