Large Hollywood like Trump Sign Appears Long A Major Freeway In LA Overnight

A large sign that closely resembles the Hollywood sign that spelled out “TRUMP,” appeared along a major freeway in Los Angeles on Tuesday and has since been taken down.

The letters in the sign were white and all of them were about 10 feet tall and were put up on a hillside along the 405 freeway in the Sepulveda pass and created quite a stir for morning commuters in southern California.

According to the California Highway Patrol’s a call came in around 6:41 am and someone referred to the sign as a “traffic hazard.”

At this time, authorities do not know who is responsible for placing the letters there and also shared that it was unclear who owns the land.


According to NewsWeek

A towering, Hollywood-esque Trump sign briefly appeared above California’s 405 Freeway near Sepulveda Pass, just to the west of Los Angeles, before workers took it down Tuesday.

Pictures and videos show the sign, in separate white block letters, appeared styled after the landmark Hollywood sign above its namesake LA community.

“Someone put up this Trump sign overnight along the 405 freeway, near the Getty,” KTLA reporter Christina Pascucci tweeted, along with a video taken from the other side of the freeway. “This is right in the middle of what’s largely considered one of the most liberal cities in America.”

Authorities viewed it as a “traffic hazard” and ordered its removal, even though it was erected on private land, KTLA reported. Due to its placement amid dry brush, someone also reportedly complained that it might be a wildfire risk.

Eric Menjivar, a state transportation spokesman, told the outlet it remains unclear who installed the sign and that he was not aware who owns the property.

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