Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals the Moment He Knew the Prosecution Didn't Have A Case (VIDEO)

Kyle Rittenhouse recently sat down with Charlie Kirk to talk about some of the details about the trial.

Kirk asked Rittenhouse, “At what point in the trial were you like, okay this is going in a direction that is somewhat favorable.”

In my opinion, there was never a moment that it seemed to me that the prosecution had any case at all. I think we all knew that before the trial even started because we all saw what had happened that night. It was very clear that Rittenhouse was being attacked and had to defend himself to preserve his own life.

Here was the response that Rittenhouse gave Kirk,

“There were two, actually, from when I knew the state didn’t have a case,” the teenager explained.

“It’s when they had their opening statements and when they put Dominick Black (Rittenhouse’s friend) on the stand, which really helped me. That’s when I knew that they didn’t have a case.”

“So the opening statements, you already knew?” Kirk said.

“Yeah,” Rittenhouse said, explaining the prosecution claiming that the teenager “chased down” Joseph Rosenbaum, “which is not true.”

Jump to about the 10 minute mark to hear this moment:

This trial was a critical case in the preservation of our freedom to defend ourselves. It still disgusts me that there are some people out there who think that these thugs did nothing wrong in attacking Rittenhouse. It just goes to show you how separated from reality these people really are and how irrational they can be.

Normally, when they claim things like this even though the verdict has been rendered, it's because they didn't actually watch the trial and see all of the evidence themselves as well. It is clear as can be that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. It was especially clear when Grosskreutz admitted that he grabbed at Rittenhouse's gun and pointed his pistol at his head which was only then that Rittenhouse fired his weapon.

Daily Wire

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