Kentucky Legislators Protect the People by Overriding Governor’s Veto

Politics frequently defies logic. However, there are times when faith in the process can be restored. America employs a system of checks and balances at all levels of government (municipal, state, and federal). These principles and rules assist in ensuring that the process runs well.

The concept that a majority decision takes precedence is at the heart of American democracy. Nobody has the authority to set all the rules. It is for this reason that we vote for candidates for public office. Following that, these elected individuals vote on laws and ordinances that will improve our society.

In Kentucky, we recently witnessed the process unfold exactly as the founding fathers intended. Most Americans agree that, at the very least biologically, men have an athletic advantage over women.

In most situations, head-to-head competition would give men an unfair advantage. Therefore, we have boys’ leagues and girls’ leagues. Women are not banned from participating in various levels of professional sports; they simply are unable to compete physically, so they don’t.

It’s not about discrimination, it’s about biology. Again, most people understand this fact. Nevertheless, in the age of woke inclusiveness, the lines between common sense and insanity have been blurred. One such example has become a hotly debated topic in the media.

It involves males who decide to become women. There is no problem with anyone making that personal life choice for themselves. But these biological men, who have transgendered to female, want to “play ball with the girls.” Any true athlete knows this is a reality.

The biggest stories of transgender men competing against women are happening in the swimming pool, but you get the point. Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s dismiss those rare instances where a woman might actually beat a man in a particular sport.

When age and skill level are equal, a man has a physical edge. But the debate cannot be clouded by giving special privilege to a single sport. Sure, badminton and ping-pong might provide a more physically balanced playing field, but the rules must apply to all sports.

The reason is simple. In physically demanding sports, a biological male is going to have a pronounced advantage over a woman. Those who disagree with this fact either have never played sports or simply like to argue whether they’re right or wrong.

After watching lopsided results in NCAA women’s swimming, the debate has been taken up by various state legislatures across the country. Kentucky is one of those states. Common sense legislation was passed to ban transgender men from competing in women’s sports.

It makes perfect sense. Of course, to think otherwise brings a person’s logic into question. So the Kentucky legislature passes this law by a huge majority. However, the Blue Grass State’s governor, Andy Beshear, decided the law didn’t work for him.

Again, America is a rule of law society based on the concept that the voice of the majority rules. Beshear must have skipped that class in U.S. government 101. The liberal Kentucky governor vetoed SB 83, which had overwhelmingly passed across party lines.

In the end, common sense and the democratic process won out. The Kentucky House of Representatives voted to override Beshear’s veto, 70-23. The Kentucky state Senate followed soon after with a 26-9 vote to override. This decision is a win for American democracy.

It is equally a win for common sense. But most of all, this is a victory for those women who train and dedicate their lives to competing in sports. In Kentucky, the girls don’t have to play against the boys. That sounds logical enough to us.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Governor Andy Beshear

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