Katie Hobbs Ran Crooked Midterm Election, Here Are the Receipts!

Sports spectators would be outraged if a player in the game was also the lead official or chief referee. Never would something like this be allowed. The concept is so absurd that it's almost funny. The same would apply if a candidate for office held a position that was "referee-like" in that election.

It is unacceptable to oversee an election in which you are running for office. That is, unless you anticipate losing and want to manipulate the results to your advantage. It's comparable to playing in a game and serving as the referee so you can make all the right calls in your favor.

That is very convenient, but it is against the law. Before the 2022 election, Arizonans should have had a strong sense of unease. The corrupt Secretary of State, who was running for governor of the state, refused to step down from monitoring the contest before the pivotal 2022 midterm elections.

This should have been the first sign that something was wrong. When you refuse to step aside as the “referee” in an election in which you’re a candidate, your intentions are obvious. You plan on cheating, but if you’re the highest-ranking official overseeing the game, you won’t get caught.

Or will you? If you’re going to try to pull off this scam, one thing you cannot do is allow your scheme to be made public. If people notice that you’re playing in the game, plus you have all the powers of penalizing improper play at your disposal, you’re going to get called out for it.

So, what does the crooked candidate do? She hides. That’s why Katie Hobbs refused to debate her Republican challenger, Kari Lake. Second, you need to be sure that anyone who criticizes your scheme is silenced.

If people are able to speak the truth, eventually someone may push back. Katie Hobbs could help orchestrate Election Day chaos so the vote count could be secretly manipulated. When you’re the head official overseeing a chaotic election, it’s easy to cover it all up.

Then, as with virtually every progressive liberal politician, you pay off the media so that they’ll “only show replays and evidence” that don’t expose your scheme. Finally, conspire with social media platforms to bury any discussion about what you’re doing.

First, you set a plan to cheat, make sure you’re the one making the final call on cheating, and then make sure no one sees the “instant replay” of your scam. Well, this scam works until someone decides they’ve had enough of liberals cheating to win elections.

It’s now been exposed that Katie Hobbs’ office contacted Twitter to ensure that posts against her were flagged and removed. Most of this was able to happen prior to Elon Musk officially taking over the social media giant.

Not only was Katie Hobbs the “head referee” overseeing Arizona’s elections, she stacked the deck by manipulating the rest of the “officiating team.” When the time arrived for the bogus election to be certified, Hobbs had her minions threaten jail time if any board member dissented.

Election board members in Arizona were threatened with prison time if they didn’t go along. Recent investigations have revealed a direct connection between Democrats, the mainstream media, and big tech. They’ve collectively conspired to steal elections.

Democrats just did it again in the 2020 midterms. These are the types of activities we see in third world dictatorships. A democracy cannot survive under such pretenses. Americans should be mad. However, far too many don’t believe it affects them.

When “big brother” finally erases every American freedom, then it will be too late to care. Liberals want socialism. Americans do not. But that’s not stopping the left. To achieve power and control, they must cheat. The question isn’t if they do. It’s how long we’ll allow it to continue.

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