Kari Lake Thanks Liz Cheney for Attack Ad: 'Best Fundraiser Yet'

The midterm elections are set to be a bloodbath for the liberal progressive left. They are in a panic. Democrats are poised to lose control of both houses of Congress because of a president who has some of the lowest approval ratings in American history.

Now, in order to raise money in place of the unpopular Joe Biden, the party has turned to using former presidents and other retired politicians. Democrats are attempting to convince voters that everyone who plans to vote Republican attended or took part in the protests on January 6 in some way.

Liberals want to convince the public that our democracy is in danger. Our democracy is in danger, and that is the problem. But contrary to what the Democrats are claiming, it is for completely different reasons. Instead of conservatives, liberal progressives are spearheading the attack on American democracy.

They’re also lying about what impact the overturning of Roe v. Wade has had on abortion rights. Democrats are attempting to use a false narrative that this was somehow an attack on women. It was not. The rightful decision by the Supreme Court does not make abortion illegal.

What it does is return the decision to the people, where it always should have been. However, as Democrats watch their temporary “abortion sugar high wane,” they’re left with nothing but the false narrative surrounding January 6, 2021.

In Arizona, the Democrat Party candidate for governor has hauled out the biggest January 6 blowhard of them all. Liz Cheney is a traitor to the conservative party she claims to belong to. Cheney is a turncoat Republican.

Cheney’s bitter hatred for President Trump has driven her to do some of the stupidest things ever done by a politician. Nevertheless, Cheney recently did something astonishingly stupid for a Democrat Party candidate.

Cheney decided to make a feeble attempt to derail the campaign of Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. Lake has surged in the polls and is riding a powerful wave heading into November 6. She is poised to obliterate her opponent.

So, Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs is trying to pull out all the Trump-haters she can find. It isn’t working. Cheney made a television ad for Hobbs. Soon after the ad was broadcast, donations for Lake started pouring in. Talk about free marketing.

After Cheney’s “Lake hating ad” aired, the Republican saw a massive surge in her campaign donations. Lake thanked Cheney for her support. Lake shared a letter to Cheney on Twitter that read, “Thank you for your generous in-kind contribution to my campaign.”

Watching her campaign donations skyrocket after Cheney’s ad, Lake explained, “Your recent television ad urging Arizonans not to vote for me is doing just the opposite.” Lake’s campaign reported a $300,000 surge in donations in a single day.

Cheney’s ad is part of a wider scheme by Democrats. “The Great Task” is a multi-candidate political action committee (PAC) sponsored by the disgraced Cheney. The Wyoming Republican Party ran Cheney out. She’s a bitter, bitter woman.

Her bitterness is going to help destroy more liberals than she may realize. No one likes Liz Cheney. Few Americans like Joe Biden. Those that say they do are either lying or delusional. Democrats are clinging to a last-ditch effort to prevent a landslide by Republicans.

Shortly after Roe v. Wade was overturned, liberals seemed to enjoy a modest increase in appeal. That modest increase has evaporated. It’s gradually flipped the other way. Republicans are riding a wave of popularity because candidates are talking about solutions.

Republicans are talking about solutions to the problems that matter to voters. Americans are hurting from inflation. The southern border is a catastrophe. U.S. citizens no longer feel safe on their own streets. A startling majority believe the nation is heading in the wrong direction.

On November 8, the direction of our country will begin to change. It will be up to the newly elected Republicans to “Save America.” It’s not too late. Voters will be given a critical opportunity. This may be the biggest political opportunity in U.S. history.

Our democracy really is at stake. However, conservative values are not what threaten our democracy. The insane progressive push for liberal socialism is. The Democrat Party fully supports these radical changes. Americans do not.

As the midterm election looms, voters will show them just how much they hate what they’re doing to our nation. The election will be a referendum on the Liz Cheney’s of our nation. It won’t be a “Republican red wave” come November 8. November 8 is going to be a “red tsunami!”

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