Kari Lake Makes Big Move in Election Fraud Case

One of the most critical outcomes in the 2020 presidential race happened in Arizona. Despite troves of evidence proving that Democrat operatives and Arizona election officials colluded to defraud President Trump of thousands of votes, nothing has been done. Investigations found more than 400,000 ballot affidavits that “failed signature verification” in the 2020 election.

But Democrats weren’t done cheating. The liberal left needed to win the U.S. Senate seat up for election, and there is plenty of evidence they cheated there as well. But Democrats also needed to win the governorship, so they’d have a stooge in place to cheat going forward. Republican Kari Lake ran a sparkling campaign and clearly had Katie Hobbs on the defensive.

Many experts projected a Lake victory. It didn’t happen. But the reasons that Lake “apparently lost” to Hobbs aren’t what you think. Voters didn’t provide exit polling data that indicated a shift in voter preference. What did change was the number of Lake supporters who actually had their vote counted. Thousands of Election Day voters faced bizarre challenges just to vote.

Mysteriously, printing machines failed. In a presentation before the Arizona Senate Elections Committee, it was revealed that election day tabulators rejected nearly 250,000 voting attempts. But Maricopa County officials, where the worst cheating happened, still contend that Election Day screw-ups only account for about 17,000.

This simply isn’t true. But even if they could somehow convince people the number was much less than a quarter of a million, Lake only lost by around 17,000 votes. Funny, just like good old cheater Joe Biden, Democrats managed to dig up “just enough ballots” to win. Almost immediately after the initial results were confirmed, Lake began pursuing legal recourse.

But she’s been stonewalled at virtually every opportunity. Recently, an Arizona appellate court declined to hear her lawsuit. The court used some baseless excuse that it agreed with the burden of proof used in the Maricopa County Superior Court and opined that Kari Lake did not provide “clear and convincing evidence” of voter fraud. But Kari Lake is a fighter.

She insists that she is far from finished with this fight. Lake vows to take her fight to the Arizona Supreme Court, if not farther. The Gateway Pundit is supporting Kari Lake’s fight to prove the Arizona gubernatorial race was stolen from her. Lake strategist Colton Duncan tweeted that Lake has received “confirmation” that the Arizona Supreme Court will hear her case.

The differences between the “big steal” in the 2020 presidential election are startling. Democrat operatives used many of the same tricks and scams to cheat Lake out of her rightful seat as Governor of Arizona.

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