Kamala Harris Is No Longer Highlighted as a Black Female VP, Now She's This

Deception knows no boundaries when it comes to Democrats, the media, and them having control over all things.

They are power-hungry and stop at nothing. They're basically the modern-day Pinky and Brain.

We all know about what happened in Atlanta at the massage spa earlier this month during the shooting that took the lives of eight people, six of them being Asians.

The media has portrayed the incident as though it was racially motivated and was inspired by President Trump because of how he blamed China for the pandemic. The story goes that since he "villainized" China so much, Trump supporters, who are also "racists" now hate Chinese people.

This is completely false and all it is is a tactic for the left to try and make people think that conservatives are bad so they'll join the dark side.

That's why all of a sudden we're seeing Kamala Harris referred to as an Asain woman and not a black woman. Remember, it's whatever fits their agenda at any particular time.

Back in November, Kamala Harris was touted as the "first Black woman vice president" by CBS News. Now, however, they are pushing the narrative of her being Asian since it appeals to the shooting in Atlanta.


Here's the thing. This has nothing to do with anything. They refer to her being Asian as though it means she can empathize with them or has something important to say about the matter. The type of Asian that she is partially, is Indian! Not Chinese, not anything Oriental. Indian. Her mother was born in Chennai, India.

That's like having the vice president of Mexico empathizing and telling other countries how we feel in the United States simply because we are part of the same continent. They wouldn't know the first thing about us because they don't even live in the same country or have the same culture or anything like that.

MSM...please, just shut up.

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