JUST IN: Top Senate Democrat Suggests He May Challenge Biden for President in 2024

As the documents scandal continues to plague the Biden Administration and cause more and more problems, it appears that many Democrats are seeing an opportunity to replace him as president. This was made apparent when West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III appeared on "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd and said that "everything is on the table" when asked if he would consider running for the presidency outside of his party. When Todd pressed for clarification, Manchin responded by saying that whatever he did would be to best serve the people of West Virginia, as well as the country and constitution of the United States.

This comment, coupled with Todd's conclusion that it sounded like Manchin was looking for a way into national politics, generated mixed reactions from viewers on social media. Some were enthusiastic about his potential candidacy while others thought he had almost no chance of winning due to how primary elections tend to push out moderates.

In addition to this discussion of possibly running for president, Manchin also took a different stance than Biden and some other members of his party on negotiations over the debt ceiling. He argued that since this is a democracy and we have a two-party system, it should be possible to have conversations between both sides in order to come up with a solution if they can't agree. Furthermore, he added that every American has to live within their budget or else they'll face financial difficulty. Likewise, businesses must stay within their budget or risk failure - so why shouldn't this apply to the federal government too? They should have guardrails in place which will warn them if they're spending too much money.

Senator Manchin clearly has strong opinions about issues facing our nation today, such as those involving the Biden Administration - but whether or not his potential run for president will become reality remains uncertain. Although primaries typically don't favor moderates such as himself, it appears as though he's seriously considering making a bid for nomination as an independent due in part to his disagreements with some within his own party on certain issues. If successful, Joe Manchin III could potentially make history by becoming our first President from West Virginia.

As far as Democrats go, he might be the best pick...but I'm not voting for him.

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