Juneteenth Just Gave Liberals Another Reason to Get Violent

If I'm not mistaken, this is the second year that Juneteenth has been recognized as a federal holiday.

Personally, I don't mind it being a holiday. I know it sort of came about through the wrong motives, but it is an important piece of not only black history, but our history as well. We should all be proud that our country ended slavery.

It could be a moment that is celebrated in a similar manner to the way that we celebrate the Fourth of July, but it just seems like that's an impossible feat for some people to achieve.

Certain groups of people feel the need to turn the day into a day of violence. As I mentioned, this is the second year that the day has been a federal holiday, and as it turns out, this is the second years that it's turned into a deadly day. And, as you would have expected, it happened in a liberal city.

Several people were shot and one was even killed after a shooting during a Juneteenth street party celebration in Washington, D.C. The victim who passed away was a 15-year-old.

This wasn't the only shooting either. Another took place in San Antonio, Texas which resulted in two people killed and five wounded after a drive by shooting took place in this Democrat-heavy town as well.

It's such a tragic shame that so many people feel not just the desire, but the need to go out and shoot at other people as though that was the only way to resolve whatever problem they are facing in their life. The truth is that it just ruins the lives of so many people including their own and their own family.

So, in my estimation, implementing Juneteenth doesn't seem to be having the celebratory impact that it should have.

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