Juneteenth Becomes a Day of Violence Once Again

We've got to face the truth, racism is now huge problem in our country.

It never used to be until the liberals started pushing for it to be a problem, but here we are faced with the same crap we went through 70 years ago.

It's not the ΚΚΚ that we have to worry about anymore or neo-Nazi skinheads who want to be tough, instead the situation is the exact opposite now and it's literally anyone who is not black being the target of racism.

There are now groups such as BȽM

Now, we've got Juneteenth, which I'm okay with at face value. My problem with it is that it's not being celebrated as a day of being thankful and proud of. It should be a day that could be celebrated in a similar fashion of Independence Day in that while Independence Day was supposed to declare our freedom, 250 years ago, black people didn't get that freedom because they weren't seen as humans.

However, that's not what's happening. Instead what we're seeing is ratchet, trashy people using it as an excuse to be violent.

This past weekend in Chicago, 21 people were shot. 21 people...in ONE CITY! This is freaking absurd!

But I woke up on Monday morning and my news sources were littered with instances of black people fighting, killing, and destroying property. Way to celebrate!

Take a look at this video below

Here's another video of an incident:

In another instance, an EMS worker was shot in Raleigh, North Carolina after responding to a child who needed assistance.

In Colorado, a Juneteenth party turned deadly after a total of 114 shots rang out with 5 victims, and of course, no arrests were made. These people just get away with it.

A 17-year-old was shot at a Juneteenth celebration in South Carolina, as well as two others who were shot.

In a Juneteenth parade in Michigan, a woman opened fire on an officer while driving.

To be quite honest, this is the sort of stuff that makes people racist. There is a very common thread here among all these incidents and it's very very sad.

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