Judge Napolitano Reveals Why JFK Files Are Kept Secret

When President Trump was in office, and even before he was the president, he promised that he would release the documents of what happened to JFK regarding his assassination.

Judge Napolitano believes there is something horrible contained within documents related to JFK's assassination and the reason that he believes this is because of something that President Trump warned him about.

Here's what Judge Napolitano said,

I’ll tell you a story about JFK. So Trump, as you know, I was privileged to be consulted by him many, many times during his Presidency on the phone. He twice considered me for the Supreme Court, another story for another time.

But in one of our interviews, he said to me, don’t forget, I’m going to release the JFK files. I said, “I’m not going to forget it Mr. President, on the contrary, I’m going to remind you.”

The last conversation we had while he was in the White House, which is now about two weeks or 10 days before Joe Biden is being inaugurated, I reminded him of this.

He said to me, “Yes, you’re quite correct Judge I did say that, but, if you saw what I saw, you wouldn’t release it either. Some day when we’re not on a phone call with 15 other people listening (meaning people in the White House), I’ll tell you what I saw.”

Now what the hell did he see, … I don’t know. It must have terrified him and he’s one of the strongest character’s I ever known in my life and suddenly he became afraid to follow through on a promise he made, not just to me, but the American public several times. It had to be the CIA…

How crazy is that? What did President Trump see that made him change his mind about releasing the information? You know it has to be something so incredibly insane that he probably feared for his life or knew that if he released the information the country would never be the same again. It probably was a government thing and maybe all the "conspiracy theorists" are actually right about what happened, but without the government confirming it, it's just speculation. If they confirmed it, all hell might break loose.

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