Judge in Rittenhouse Trial Tosses One Charge After Prosecution Fails to Deliver

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has been anything besides boring. While I haven't watched the entire thing, I've seen enough video of it to know what's going on.

So far there has been a juror kicked out because he made a bad joke about someone getting shot. We've seen the judge reveal that someone was taking video of the jurors in order to dox them, and we've seen one of the witnesses - who just happens to be the only person that was shot by Rittenhouse and survived - tell one of the defense attorneys that Rittenhouse only shot him after he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse. This was a shocking admission, but it proves self-defense beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Rittenhouse is on trial for several charges ranging from possession of a deadly weapon to homicide. I don't know what the outcome will be on all of the charges, but I am confident that he will be found not guilty. In fact, the judge just threw out one of the charges that the prosecution was trying to add to the already existing charges.

The Daily Wire reported,

Rittenhouse is on trial facing six total charges: five felonies and one misdemeanor. The felony charges are intentional homicide, reckless homicide, attempted intentional homicide, and two counts of reckless endangerment. The misdemeanor charge is underage possession of a deadly weapon.

Judge Bruce Schroeder tossed an additional curfew charge on Tuesday, ruling that prosecutors had failed to produce any evidence that a curfew had been in place, according to CNN. The judge left in place the misdemeanor gun charge against Rittenhouse, overruling the defense’s request to have it dismissed. Rittenhouse’s attorneys have previously argued that applicable Wisconsin gun law is unconstitutional, according to the Kenosha News.

If I just had to make a guess on the outcome of this trial, I'm going to say that the charge of underage possession of a deadly weapon will stick while the other charges will not. I say that not knowing the laws in the state of Wisconsin on underage firearm possession.

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