Joe Biden Warned Leaving Weapons Behind in Afghanistan Would Be Used Against Our Families (VIDEO)

Anyone who’s been paying attention to Joe Biden the career politician for the last four decades knows he’s a liar. Biden has been caught so many times, he makes Aesop’s little “boy who cried wolf” look sheepish. However, Joe Biden appears to be unable to help himself.

Biden will even lie about things in which there is recorded evidence to prove he’s not telling the truth. When asked to rate America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden boasted it was “a success”. The families of the 13 dead U.S. servicemen and women might beg to differ.

Biden was also asked about how he formulated his rigid strategy to withdrawal all American troops. Our bumbling Commander-In-Chief insisted that no military experts cautioned him against yanking every last soldier out of Afghanistan.

Recently, ranking United States military officers told Congress otherwise. Once again, Joe Biden lied. There has also been a lot of talk about the billions of dollars in highly technical military equipment Joe Biden chose to abandon as he fled Afghanistan.

There have been feeble efforts by Pentagon officials to support the absurdity of this action. One such official claimed it was more cost-effective to just leave it behind. Anyone with a brain would quickly conclude otherwise.

In addition, we left weapons behind in a part of the world infested with terrorist organizations. That was a smart move, Joe. A few years ago, during a failed attempt as a presidential candidate, even Joe Biden felt the same way about abandoning expensive weaponry.

100% Fed Up reported,

A recently uncovered, stunning August 12, 2007 video of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden speaking to a small crowd in Winterset, Iowa during his campaign, reveals the truth about how Biden fully understood the serious ramifications of his actions when he withdrew out troops and left billions of dollars of military equipment behind for our enemies.

It’s not just the extremely creepy moment where Joe Biden leans in on a woman in the front row, places his hands on her legs, and stares into her face, that’s disturbing for anyone watching; it’s the warning Joe Biden shares with his supporters about how NOT to withdraw from the Afghanistan/Iraq war that should outrage every single American—regardless of political affiliation.

“If you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind, I promise, they’re gonna be used against your grandchildren and mine!” Biden warned, only to do the exact same thing 14 years later.

Biden was recorded insisting that handing it over to our adversaries was a bad idea. Joe Biden supposedly got over 80 million votes for president. That’s pretty ironic, since he rarely left the comfort of his basement during his entire campaign.

Since cheating his way into the U.S. Presidency, Joe Biden has produced one failure after another. His policy decisions are undermining American confidence and destroying the fabric of our nation. He is making the world a more dangerous place.

Biden’s hare-brained idea to leave a multi-billion dollar military arsenal behind in Afghanistan is more than a boneheaded decision. It is fateful policy that has placed the United States and its allies in great danger.

Even more glaring than Biden’s ineptitude is his constant propensity to lie about everything. He wasn’t at or near the top of his class. Biden is too stupid to be a good student. The problem is, now he’s the leader of the free world.

Ignorance and stupidity on that scale will produce dire consequences. Joe Biden is both a liar and an idiot. When you’re the leader of the free world, the combination is dangerous.

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