Joe Biden Threatens Hospitals Over Failing to Perform Abortions...But It Hurts You Instead

The Biden regime and every liberal in the country is rabid following the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade.

Now, Joe Biden is threatening to revoke Medicare status from hospitals if they do not perform abortions in emergency situations.

Think about what this means. It's not that it's hurting the's hurting you! If you're on Medicare, and you have a doctor or a hospital or whatever care you receive thanks to Medicare, he's wanting to strip you, the taxpayer, of your ability to go get the help that you need from your doctor.

This is the result of vindictive bastards who want nothing more than to ruin your life and control your every waking moment.

The whole thing is a farce anyway. Those who are intellectually against abortion are not against saving the lives of mothers when it is absolutely necessary. If there is an ectopic pregnancy, the principle of preserving life is at play and though we'll mourn the child's death as an actual human being, we are willing to preserve the life of the mother rather than losing her as well.

Liberals have bought into the lie that we are not willing to allow an abortion for any circumstance whatsoever. That's not the truth. If the mother's life is genuinely in danger, such as the case of an ectopic pregnancy, we are okay with that though we will do so grieving.

But the truth of the matter stands, and that is that 99% of abortions are performed out of convenience. The mothers either aren't ready for a child, or they feel like they can't financially support them, or they are too focused on their career, or they regret sleeping with the guy they slept with a couple of months ago. Killing for convenience is what we are against.

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