Joe Biden S**ts on the Declaration of Independence in Front of America Troops

Many believe, with a great deal of proof, that Democrats cheated to get Joe Biden elected in 2020. Regardless, millions of people still bought into the crazy notion that this cognitively challenged old man could actually run a country.

Ahead of Election Day, Americans distinguished themselves between patriotic President Trump supporters and those who were not. If you looked at the fronts of houses along everyday American streets, you’d probably notice one difference between each.

Some houses proudly flew American flags, while others did not. Someone designed a meme to tell this story. The meme read, “It is sad when you can tell who someone is voting for based on whether or not they have an American flag flying in front of their house.”

Those homes without American flags made up the majority of voters who believed Joe Biden was capable of being president. He was not. A few short weeks into his first term, likewise, everyone who did vote for him began to realize that he wasn’t.

It’s gotten progressively worse. Joe Biden is a gaffe machine. Many of his on-camera blunders are amusing. While funny, they are equally sad. He is clearly failing cognitively. This happens as we get old.

Nevertheless, as most of us age, no one tries to prop us up as the figurehead leader of the free world. That’s what the far-left progressive Democrat Party did with Joe Biden. The poor old guy is failing miserably.

As we said, most of his verbal stumbles can be laughed off. Some of them, however, cannot. Some things Joe Biden says, with the world as an audience, are both embarrassing and potentially dangerous for the country.

Old age and acute mental incompetence are agonizing for friends and family to watch happen. When these boneheaded gaffes are coming out of the mouth of your commander-in-chief, they’re worse. They’re both discouraging and disrespectful.

At some level, Joe Biden must know he’s making a complete fool of himself. When old people feel foolish, sometimes they make jokes to deflect from the obvious. That’s what Biden did during a visit with U.S. troops from the 82nd Airborne.

Needless to say, Joe Biden’s visit was more than just awkward. It was a downright calamity. First, Biden tried to be funny. He shouted to the servicemen he was visiting in Poland, “Don’t jump!” What a clown.

But then he disrespected both the country and the proud servicemen and women he was there to uplift. Joe Biden claimed that our United States Declaration of Independence was corny. That has to be one of the most degrading remarks ever made by a president.

It was disgusting. And then, after trashing the Declaration of Independence as corny, Biden said, “We’ve never lived up to it.” Wonder if this clown would tell those who were fighting the British at Yorktown in the name of this Declaration of Independence that it was corny?

Wonder if Joe Biden would say something like that to the soldiers who died on the fields of Gettysburg? Wonder if he would try to convince American soldiers fighting in the Meuse-Argonne campaign in France that “we’ve never lived up to it.?”

We cannot fathom how Joe Biden could disrespect the honor of the men that stormed Omaha Beach or endured the misery on the beaches of Okinawa, that their country’s Declaration of Independence was corny. Anyone who finds Joe Biden funny must have voted for him.

We wonder, as well, where they all are today. They’re like crickets. Joe Biden is a disrespectful buffoon. The problem is that we have over two more years left in this clown show. Biden is corny. Furthermore, when it comes to being a president, you’re not living up to it, Joe!

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