Joe Biden Recruits Transgender Activist Who Wants To ‘Normalize Women Having Bulges’ to Bolster Support for Democrats Ahead of Midterms

There are no questions regarding transgender individuals included in the United States Census. Census information only keeps track of a real gender, either male or female. Nevertheless, a startling 0.6 percent of Americans identify as transgender, according to demographic figures.

Yes, that represents fewer than 1% of the total population of the United States of America that identify as transgender. However, the progressive left believes that these people should take center stage in talks about equality. Forget about other minorities; it's a major problem when someone change their sex.

Statistics clearly show the opposite. Don't mention that to the radical progressive left, though. In the eyes of Democrats, transgender persons are in the spotlight. Even further, Joe Biden appointed a transgender guy to a key medical position on his team.

Rachel Levine was chosen by Biden to be the assistant secretary of health for the United States. Levine, a male, made the decision to become a woman. But whatever, if he wants to pretend, then let him pretend. But there were legitimate questions raised when Levine was appointed to a senior medical position.

Why was Biden so insistent on Rachel Levine’s having so much authority? We might find the possible truth rather frightening. During his confirmation, Levine expressed his “utmost concern” towards the “LGBTQ youth community.”

America was still struggling to get out of the grips of a deadly worldwide pandemic. However, a child changing their sex was a high priority for a critical member of the U.S. health staff. If this seems like a misguided focus, that’s because it is.

But Biden wasn’t done with appointing Levine to promote bizarre sexual gender propaganda. Now, he’s recruited a self-proclaimed transgender activist to build support for Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

“Clueless Joe” named transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney as an advocate for Democrats facing stiff challenges in the upcoming midterms. The openly transgender sat down with the president to discuss his “transition,” and how he could represent his “community.”

Mulvaney was all giggly when he exclaimed, “I am ready to step up and show that trans people, we are not going anywhere, and that trans kids, they deserve a fighting chance to be their true selves.” This is a person who refers to the female genitalia as the “Barbie pouch.”

He also posted on TikTok that men should dress as women to “normalize women have bulges.” We need to set one thing straight. Women, “DO NOT” have bulges, unless they are part of a bizarre minority of humans who have trouble with the idea of biological gender.

But the left still promotes this fringe idea. In addition, what possible benefit could such a person have to push progressive candidates across the finish line? Is there some underlying motive to this strange focus on a marginal part of the U.S. population? We think there is.

People born with male sex organs, who transition to a woman, cannot have children. That meets one goal of the progressive left. See one of their arguments on why “full-term abortion” should be legal. In making their baseless argument, Democrats deny the science.

But during the 2022 midterm campaigns, they’ve exposed themselves as frauds. They want women to seek an abortion to keep them active in the workforce. The same ideology is part of their hidden transgender push.

The vast majority of transgender people, as minimal a number as they are, will never reproduce. This erases a roadblock to the socialist goal of maintaining a strong worker class of people. Plus, transgender feed the drug companies and medical facilities for life.

Someone who grows up as a normal man or woman won’t need repeated drugs and medical appointments to take care of a sex change. Plus, these people may have personal opinions and viewpoints that question why someone would make such a drastic life change.

But that isn’t stopping the radical left from going all in on the transgender debate. A society with a growing number of sexually disorientated citizens will be handcuffed to medical procedures and without a strong sense of personal identity.

Democrats are building a class of robotic people. These individuals will be conformists and most likely be dedicated members of “the socialist working class.” They will be easier to control. This push to promote transgender ideas to children is creepy.

However, it’s also part of a broader scheme. When a political party pushes the agenda of an obviously small percentage of the population, something is behind it. The liberal left wants a society dominated by robotic conformists.

Despite a sense of unconformity, transgender is conformity. It’s conforming to a strange notion that men can be women and vice versa. Sorry, but they cannot. Actually, an alarming number of transgender men-to-female regret their decision.

This is a weird personality characteristic that thankfully makes up a marginal part of society. We can only hope it remains that way. But if Democrats have their way, we’ll all have to flip a coin to determine which sex someone may be. That’s not strange, that’s just plain peculiar.

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