Joe Biden is now saying Donald Trump Is the one wanting to "Defund Police"

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden Made a statement during an interview Friday saying Donald Trump is the one who wants to "defund the police."

Biden accused the president of proposing cuts to programs that support local police, in sharp contrast to the Republican incumbent's campaign-trail rhetoric.

"President Trump says that you want to defund the police. Do you?" asked "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts in an interview conducted Friday in Wilmington, Delaware.

"No, I don't," Biden said that while he doesn't want to "defund the police," he does want to eliminate misconduct and discriminatory practices.

"By the way, he proposes cutting a half a billion dollars of local police support," Biden added, seemingly referring to the Trump administration's proposed cuts to a federal program that helps hire more local law enforcement officers.

According to WayneDupree

Honestly, who is running the Biden campaign? It’s like watching a really, really long episode of the “Three Stooges.” I’ve never seen anything like this.  It’s so poorly-run, with the flip-flops and confusing messaging that you almost wonder if we’re all being “punked” or something.

It’s as if everyone who is working on the Biden campaign forgets that there’s this thing called “social media” where we all share stuff and have access to archived videos and articles and other nifty things.

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