Joe Biden Give DUMBEST Reason Why He is So Optimistic About the Future (VIDEO)

Joe Biden never ceases to amaze me. Not in a good way. I've never seen a politician who is so disconnected from the rest of America or as dishonest as he seems to be. He's either gaslighting us, or his dementia has finally consumed him.

While the latest CPI (Consumer Price Index) statistics showed that inflation is still rising on Friday, he and the rest of his regime are attempting to convince us that things are fine and that our economy is booming.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All consumer goods are soaring to record levels. The CPI is high, which means that the cost of products is going to continue to rise, across the board, including food.

Gas prices continue way up, with new record highs being set practically every day. Unemployment continues to be higher than it should be. There are 800,000 more unemployed people today than there were in 2020.

But, if you ask Joe Biden, he'll tell you that he's "never been so optimistic in my life." He really did say that last week to Jimmy Kimmel. And the reason why he's so optimistic is absolutely idiotic. It's so bad that I might go on and on about just how bad it is. It's racist. It's stupid. It's clueless. It's every negative adjective that you can think of.

Do you want to know the real reason why Joe Biden is so optimistic about the future? Well, it's because of all of the "biracial couples" in TV commercials.

“Turn on the television — turn on — no, I’m serious!” Biden continued. “No, I’m serious, you turn on the TV, look at the ads, when’s the last time you saw biracial couples on TV? When’s the last time you saw the way — I mean, people are selling products — they do ads to sell products. And they sell products when people — they appeal to people.”

This isn't anything new! There are tons of biracial couples, and do you know why? Because we're not freaking racists like the Democrats allege us to be.

Based on what I see in our country the biggest racists are the Democrats and the black community and I'm dead serious about this. I've seen it for many years.

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