Jim Biden Worked Secret $140M Deal with Saudis While Joe Was VP

Most people who have been paying attention to politics know that Joe Biden has never been known for his integrity. For over four decades, he has managed to convince voters of his trustworthiness, creating a false façade of “good old Scranton Joe”. But the truth is that this man has not done an honest day’s work in his life and has instead used his political office to craft a massive family empire with wealth far exceeding the average salary of a U.S. Senator.

Recently, information came to light about some of the questionable methods Joe Biden had used to attain this level of riches. Many of these tactics are not illegal per se, but they definitely do not stand up with ethical scrutiny. They involve unsavory backroom deals and other types of devious maneuvering, all made possible through Biden's position in office. Evidence exists in the form of a laptop left by Biden’s drug-addicted son at a repair shop, which further reveals just how deeply entrenched he is in activities related to illicit influence peddling and illegal activities.

It goes without saying that such behavior should be denounced and called out for what it is – corruption on the highest level! It’s time for Americans to stand up against shady politicians like Joe Biden who use their power and influence for personal gain rather than serve the public's best interests.

The Biden family has perfected the art. From Biden's crack addict son Hunter to Joe's brother James, everyone has a hand in the till. Using Joe Biden’s influence as a U.S. Senator and then Vice President, the Biden family crime machine has amassed billions in wealth. It’s the biggest financial scam in U.S. history.

Along the way, the Bidens have sold out America’s best interests to feather their nest. Most of the criminal activity revolves around thousands of communications uncovered on Hunter’s notorious “laptop from hell.” But there continues to be a trove of affidavits, whistleblower accusations, and other documents pointing to massive corruption by the Bidens.

Recently, the DailyMail.com obtained an affidavit from years prior. It dealt with a dispute between a construction company and Hill International. Three law firms were hired to help retrieve nearly $140 million reportedly controlled by the Saudi government. The money was for a 1980s desalinization plant built by a Hill subsidiary.

In the affidavit, it appears that James Biden was paid millions as a defense against the Saudis’ reneging on their responsibility. “Hill International CEO Irvin Richter had told him that he had retained James Biden because the Saudis "would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice President who would be instrumental to the deal,” according to attorney Thomas Lankford.

But what’s the likelihood that the Biden family’s corruption will face any consequences? Far too frequently, when these abuses by elected officials are proven, nothing ever happens. It is equally unlikely that the Biden-controlled Department of Justice will ever pursue charges against his family crime operation. However, there is a sliver of hope.

Most Americans appreciate that these investigations take time. Many take years to unfold. Biden only has two short years left in the White House. There is an ever-growing probability that he doesn’t even make it out of the Democrat primaries as the party nominee for his second term. Americans can only hope that comes true.

Nonetheless, there’s an equally strong chance that Republicans will both take back control of the U.S. Senate, the White House and maintain a majority in the House of Representatives. That could spell doom for the Biden family influence-peddling scams. The perfect combination of investigations and congressional oversight could trigger an honest DOJ to level charges.

Oh my, but wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air coming out of Washington, D.C.? A corrupt political official gets held accountable for his or her crimes. Someone who sold out his or her country for money would earn themselves a lengthy prison sentence. America might finally feel a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

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