Jill Biden Booed On Stage At Brad Paisley Concert: ”You’re Booing Yourselves!”

Bumbling Joe Biden's more competent counterpart Jill took a break from guiding her husband by the hand to make sure he doesn't wander off somewhere that he's not supposed to be.

Jill made an appearance at pop-up vɑccine clinic in Nashville as well as at a Brad Paisley show.

She tried to convince the small audience to take an experimental vɑccine to avoid getting a virus that's affecting very few Americans these days, but the audience at the nearby concert was having none of it. Jill Biden's speech, which is likely part of the White House's push to have 70 percent of the country vɑccinated by the Fourth of July, drew boos from the venue.

In response to the boos, which came after she chided Tennesseeans for falling behind the rest of the nation in vɑccination rates, the First Doctor giggled anxiously and said, "Well, you're booing yourselves!" Biden spoke to a crowd in a red state which has mirrored other southern states in terms of ȻOVID vɑccinations.


Who does this lady think she's fooling? They were only booing themselves? What a joke!

Nobody and I mean nobody takes this lady seriously, just like her hubby. They are both the biggest jokes in the world.

Well...I should take that back. Joe is the biggest joke, but Kamala Harris is in the number two slot.

The Sun reported,

It appeared that only a few dozen turned up to receive a shot at the site through the afternoon, it added.

Biden comforted a young girl receiving her shot by patting her on the back as she and Paisley toured the site.

The country singer sang for the crowd as he urged Tennesseans to get the vɑccine.

He also mentioned country music legend John Prine who died of Ȼoronɑvirus last year.

“If I had a time machine, I would go back to November, I would give him that vaccine and he would be here,” Paisley said.

“Of course, we can’t do that,” he added.

“All we have is the future. Let’s save whoever is next.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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