Jen Psaki Tries Blaming Trump After Reporter Exposes Who Taliban Leader of the New Taliban State Is

Our nation is headed down a road that we definitely do not want to be on. Not only that, but thanks to the Biden regime, we've sent another country down a road that they don't want to be on as well.

Here in America, Biden has caused an immigration crisis at the border, the number of new COVID cases is increasing and will likely reach a peak similar to what we experienced 6 months ago.

Now, we've literally turned Afghanistan into a terrorist state.

I say this was Biden's doing because it basically was and it was based on his stupid way of handling Afghanistan, not only now, but during the Obama administration.

Now they have White House Press Secretary trying to run interference and distract from what's happening now and what happened leading up to this.

We now know that one of the leaders of the Taliban takeover was held in Guantanamo Bay and was released. But not under the Trump administration, under Obama. He was part of the negotiation for Robert "Bowe" Bergdahl.

A reporter tried asking Psaki about it, but Psaki did what she always does and tried to blame Trump, going so far as completely lying about it.

She tried to say that President Trump released thousands of terrorists from Guantanamo. THIS NEVER HAPPENED!


Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is the man who has now taken control over the country that was once known as Afghanistan. That's basically all you can say about it now. It's no longer Afghanistan, it is now the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. It is an entirely new nation that is controlled by brutal terrorists.

This is how nations were conquered back in the olden days and I'll say that it is remarkable (not in a good way) that we actually witnessed this take place in 2021.

The Taliban was able to strong-arm their way into seizing control over the entire country. Oh, but don't forget that this is the religion of peace.

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