Jen Psaki Gets Tongue-Tied When Confronted on US Importing Russian Gas Still (VIDEO)

Jen Psaki is often presented with a virtually impossible job. She’s not the most pleasant person to begin with. However, to shoulder the burden of cleaning up the narrative around the blunders of her boss might seem virtually impossible.

Of course, Jen Psaki is the official spokesperson for the Biden regime, if you didn’t already know. It’s a rough job, but someone has to do it. As we mentioned, in some respects, we should feel sorry for Jen. She’s really had a rough first year.

It doesn’t appear things are getting any easier any time soon. How agonizing it must be to prep her makeup, knowing she is going to face a bombardment of questions about the never-ending list of Biden’s failures. It’s like a daily challenge.

Jen probably needs a scorecard to keep track of Biden’s ongoing screw-ups. And the questions come from a press corps that is invariably a liberal-leaning Democrat Party water carrier. This is like your “BFF” calling you out for being a moron.

Again, tough job, Jen, but you took it. One of the most contentious issues throughout her tenure has involved Biden’s terrible American energy policies. For most of Biden's year-plus in office, Psaki has been hit with questions about skyrocketing gas prices.

However, now the energy-related questions are getting more serious. They have taken on implications that affect the world. When Russia invaded Ukraine a few days ago, it sent the world’s energy markets into a spiral.

It’s not going to stop. The invasion also further exposed how vulnerable the United States has become since Joe Biden curtailed U.S. energy capabilities. He severed many of them, like the one that could now be the invaluable Keystone Pipeline resource.

At a recent White House press briefing, the video showed Psaki fumbling for answers yet again. It was such a pointed question; we’re surprised she didn’t “circle back”. Biden’s policy has been to curtail U.S. energy production and rely on foreign countries.

Many of them, like Russia, are not our friends. Now, Russia has violated world peace. Vladimir Putin has attacked a sovereign nation. So, as Putin’s Russian soldiers march towards Kyiv, the next logical question for Psaki would be about energy.

Like she has hundreds of times over the last year, she fumbled for a viable reply. The poor girl just can’t catch a break. Psaki opened up some type of a secret folder on her podium. She must have at least been expecting a question on the topic.

FOX News White House press correspondent, Jacqui Heinrich, asked Psaki a straight-forward question about Russian oil imports. That’s when Psaki started fiddling through her papers. She had no real answer. What little reply she did offer was little more than incoherent babbling.

If this were not so serious, it would be comical. But Jen Psaki had no answer to a critical question. What is the United States doing in relation to importing oil from the country that attacked Ukraine? Energy from a country, which supplies much of Europe’s energy needs.

There should have been a quick and easy answer. We are not, and will not be, importing Russian oil for the foreseeable future. But that’s not the answer, because that’s not the Biden policy. He is a buffoon. His horrific decisions crippled American energy needs.

We all watched as prices climbed steadily the instant he axed the Keystone Pipeline. Fuel prices have hovered at high levels now for over a year. They’re set to spike even more. All Joe Biden would have to do is open up American energy capabilities again.

It would ease the burden on American citizens. Such an intelligent move would also help ease the burden on many countries in Eastern Europe, who rely heavily on Russia for energy. It’s a no-brainer.

However, Sleepy Joe is in the back pocket of the radical progressive wing of his party. They want everyone to erect a windmill in their backyard. Their climate-driven energy agenda is insane. Now it’s become dangerous to the world.

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