Jen Psaki Gets SMASHED By Fact Checker Over Biden's Socialist Spending

We all know that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is not known for her truthfulness in the "most transparent administration in history".

Instead, she's known for her "circling back", avoiding the truth, justifying evil, hiding facts, ignoring real facts, and most of all...lying.

It's so bad and so obvious that even PolitiFact has hit Psaki with a "false" rating recently over what she said that economists believe about Biden's socials spending spree plan.

She claimed, as all the other Democrats have been doing, that the "Build Back Better" plan won't cost anything and won't negatively impact inflation.

Folks, this is just a talking point. There is no truth to it. It's just words that they say that are devoid of truth.

“Is it really true that there’s not a single economist who thinks the bill will boost inflation? No,” PolitiFact reacted in an article published Thursday. “Many economists have stated for the record that they think the inflationary impact of the bill will be small and brief. But we found lots of economists who say they expect modest inflationary pressure, at least initially.”

This comes after Psaki had said, “Because no economist out there is projecting that this will have a negative impact on inflation,” she said. “And actually, what it will help do is it will help increase economic productivity. It will help economic growth in this country. That, and the Build Back Better Agenda will help reduce inflation, will help cut costs for the American people over the long term.”

One economist, Douglas Holtz-Eakin told PolitiFact that he's an economist, and he disagrees.

“We know there’s lots of spending in the bill, and that it’s front-loaded” into the earlier years, he said. “If you cut taxes and increase spending, financed by debt, that will put upward pressure on inflation.”

PolitiFact wrote,

Psaki said, “No economist out there is projecting that (the Build Back Better bill) will have a negative impact on inflation.”

She’s wrong to say that no economist foresees inflation as a result of the bill’s passage. Numerous economists, including some allies of the White House, have gone on the record saying there probably will be inflationary effects, especially in the near term, if the bill is passed.

However, the broad consensus among analysts has been that the bill’s inflationary impact will be modest and brief.

We rate the statement False.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Fox News

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