Jen Psaki Gets SLAMMED After Making Unnerving Comment on China's New Weapon

The ability for the Joe Biden White House to paint an unrealistic picture of his chaotic presidency is wearing thin on the American people. They have denied the border crisis, despite blatant images showing thousands of illegal migrants streaming into our country.

Biden insisted the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success, despite images of people dropping to their death from cargo planes during a panicked exit. The master of deception is Biden’s chosen puppet, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

She has “circled back” so many times the woman should be dizzy. Certainly, the American public is growing increasingly dizzier over her half-baked answers to extremely serious questions. Any question about national security should warrant the pinnacle of seriousness.

Psaki seems to possess the same inability to grasp the reality of situations, a problem held by her blundering boss. Maybe when Psaki downplays serious questions with answers that make people scratch their heads, she should try Biden’s whisper technique.

Shhh, China’s burgeoning nuclear capability isn’t anything to worry about America. Psaki insists that the Joe Biden administration “welcomes stiff competition”.

“I’m not going to comment on the specific report,” Psaki responded. “I can say and would echo what he said, which is, generally speaking, we’ve made clear, are concerned about the military capabilities that the PRC continues to pursue. And we have been consistent in our approach with China. We welcome stiff competition, but we do not that competition to veer into conflict. And that is certainly what we convey privately as well."

In case Jen doesn’t quite grasp the brevity of the situation, nuclear explosions could wipe out entire regions of the United States. Nuclear arms negotiations between adversarial nations have been some of the most critical talks in across world history.

Nuclear arms are not an area of foreign diplomacy where Americans should “welcome stiff competition”. Psaki’s ridiculous response to a serious national security issue stems from a question asked about the White House’s stance on China’s most recent missile test.

The Chinese Communist Party conducted a hypersonic missile launch that circled the globe before detonating. While it missed its target by roughly 25-miles, detonation within 25-miles of a major U.S. city would be far more than “stiff competition”.

It would be devastating, killing potentially hundreds of thousands of Americans. No nation, including our beloved United States of America, should welcome “stiff competition” when it comes to nuclear warheads.

She ended up getting ripped for this online:

  • Donald Trump Jr.: “Maybe I’m old fashioned but I prefer to beat communists, not just have a ‘stiff competition’ with them and then politely ask that they not beat us up when they catch up to our capabilities.”
  • The Alabama Republican Party: “What?!?!?! This is not a ‘Bring it on’ situation here! This is a major national security issue.”
  • John Cooper, The Heritage Foundation: “‘We welcome the Chinese Communist Party competing with us to develop advanced nuclear weapons’ is about the stupidest thing you could ever expect a U.S. administration to say publicly. So naturally the Biden administration did.”
  • Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence: “Dear God. The entire Biden [team] doesn’t take the threat from China seriously.”
  • Dana Loesch, political commentator: “It’s not competition when one participant steals everyone else’s IP and tech because of their murderous, clowntastic communism.”
  • Dennis Sarfate: “Might be the worst response to a question ever. This is not a competition.”

Like most of Joe Biden’s responses to serious questions, Psaki seems lost in a fantasy world. Maybe she’ll reconsider the senselessness of this answer and circle back to us later. But for the moment, her “welcoming stiff competition” response just adds to her list of senseless answers to serious questions.

Daily Wire

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