Jan. 6 Rioter Goes Back to Jail Over ‘Addiction’ to Online Conspiracy Theories

We've come dangerously close to a point of no return. Either that or a point of war in this country.

Freedoms are vanishing left and right. There are fights going on to maintain these freedoms and hopefully, it will all work, otherwise, I think what we'll see is people start shifting to a Plan B of some sort.

Doug Jenson, an Iowa resident who was arrested in connection to what happened at the Capitol on January 6th has been arrested again and the reason why is going to blow you away.

Jenson was arrested this time for watching Mike Lindell's cyber symposium a few weeks ago. In today's world, it seems a judge can send a person to jail just for watching a program.

Jenson had watched Lindell's cyber symposium while he was released from jail during his pretrial, which went apparently went against the judge's orders.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly previously let Jenson out of jail. The judge let him out of jail because Jenson made a statement to the judge that he had been led to the Capitol building by reading lies and conspiracies.

After the judge found out about Jenson watching Mike Lindell's cyber symposium, the judge changed his mind and ordered Jenson back to jail. The judge no longer believes Jenson has learned any lessons at all since the January incident at the Capitol building.

It seems like a logical reason to send someone to jail in the United States of America…right?

Huff Post reported,

Assistant U.S. Attorney Hava Arin Levenson Mirell argued during a hearing on Thursday that Jensen “simply cannot be trusted” and had gone “back to the exact same habits that led him to assault Officer Goodman on Jan. 6.”

Mirell argued that Jensen’s consumption of these videos was “symptomatic of a bigger problem.”

“He has no respect for this court,” Mirell argued. ”Mr. Jensen does not deserve a second chance. This is not equivalent to a drug response. There is no chemical dependency here.”

Mirell also said that it was important to note that Jensen had previously claimed to have been “cured of his addition” and felt “deceived” by QAnon conspiracy theories.

Christopher Michael Davis, Jensen’s court-appointed lawyer, likened Jensen’s consumption of conspiracy theories to a “compulsion” and noted that it was internet conspiracy theories that led Jensen to the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Davis argued it “sounds a bit Orwellian” for the government to try to lock someone up for watching an internet broadcast, but conceded that conspiracy theories led him to the Capitol.

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