Jan 6 Proves There is a Dangerous Double Standard in the U.S. Justice System

When it comes to the American justice system, there's always been an unsettling sense of "who you know." Knowing the right people can help you get around the law's long arm. It's like an unsightly wart on our legal system at times. This actually applies to other areas of live as well, especially your work life.

Nonetheless, most people recognize that it's more about flawed human nature than flagrant judicial manipulation. There's a new component that's causing justice to be applied unevenly. It's disturbing and just harmful to our democracy.

It's less about who you know and more about what beliefs or views you held at the time you committed a crime. If you're a conservative, jaywalking could result in a criminal prosecution if your case is assigned to a liberal prosecutor.

But if you’re a radical progressive, you can basically burn down buildings and not be held accountable. It’s a disgusting double standard. We don’t have to look any further than the sham January 6 persecutions being executed against President Trump supporters.

There are still hundreds of U.S. citizens being held without bond. Many did nothing more than trespass. The majority of these individuals didn’t even realize they were committing a crime. They were swept up in the chaos of the January 6 protests.

They’re not criminals, but they’re being treated like terrorists. However, not everyone who violated the law on January 6 is being prosecuted. There are those who committed acts of vandalism who spent less than 24 hours in jail. Most were just released.

Most haven’t even been charged with a crime, despite video evidence blatantly proving they committed multiple. One such person is radical ANTIFA activist John Sullivan. Sullivan maintains that he’s nothing more than an innocent bystander who videos events.

He’s not only a radical activist; John Sullivan is a bold-faced liar. He’s been arrested in Utah. Utah records indicate he is a leader in the Utah ANTIFA-BLM movement.

Sullivan was filmed inside the Capitol. He contends that he was there filming what went on. However, video footage shows him actually bragging while he broke out windows and damaged federal property. Sullivan also orchestrated an ANTIFA-Insurgence rally that same day.

These left-wing activists met at the Washington Monument. The group was part of the violent surge that overtook Capitol Police. These self-proclaimed anarchists were more responsible for inciting violence than anyone else. But President Trump’s supporters are still imprisoned.

All the radicals who support the liberal narrative have long since been released. Few were charged at all. The only reason that the corrupt Joe Biden Department of Justice isn’t attacking these people like they are conservatives is because they support the radical left.

There is a dangerous double standard in the U.S. justice system. It will destroy the country. When one political belief is persecuted for no reason, it’s communism. This is not by accident. Everyone who fails to kowtow to liberal ideology is a target.

The Democrat Party wholly supports this socialist ideology. Liberals are beholden to the Chinese Communist model. Doing nothing is as bad as supporting these radicals. It’s long past the time for patriotic Americans to stand up for one another, before it’s too late.

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