Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Removed from DC Gitmo on Stretchers after Horrific Chemical Attack by Prison Guards

Our government is doing some things that they're not supposed to be doing at DC Gitmo.

We've heard terrible things about what's going on there from those who are actually inside. Just last month, one man released a letter detailing the horrendous conditions that they've having to suffer through that are so bad that some people are asking to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay.

Earlier this month, Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Louie Gohmert went to visit DC Gitmo to examine the conditions that they're experiencing, but were denied access.

Well, we've learned more since then.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told Steve Bannon last week that inmates were being pepper sprayed for not wearing masks inside the prison and that it is so bad that some of these inmates were carried out on stretchers.

This is what it takes to apparently get removed from DC Gitmo because these hostages were finally taken out of the prison after being assaulted by the guards.

According to Epoch Times,

Multiple Jan. 6 defendants were taken out of their cells on stretchers on Thursday, according to a court filing.

The situation started when one of the defendants refused to wear a mask, family members of Kelly Meggs, who is being held in the D.C. Jail, told Meggs lawyer.

Prison guards began spraying a chemical substance described as “some kind of mace or pepper spray, according to a filing in federal court.

“They sprayed mace or some type of gas at an inmate and kept missing so it went into an intake that fed into other cells and the lady with the key left because she didn’t like the gas, so the inmates in the cells who were being fed the gas from that intake were locked in for like 15 minutes while it was going into their rooms and they couldn’t see/breathe,” the family told Jonathon Moseley, the lawyer.

More than one of the defendants was taken out on stretchers to medical bays.

Julie Kelly, a writer for the American Greatness, reported on Wednesday that prison guards filled an area of the jail with chemical spray and three detainees had to be taken out on stretchers.

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