Jan 6 Cronies Spend Six Hours Asking Conservative Reported Why She Tweeted a Picture of Mel Gibson

I'm curious how long this phony investigation into what happened on January 6th, 2021 will go on. Just how many of our tax dollars will be squandered on this farce is unknown.

According to some lawyers and/or government officials, Christina Bobb from OANN was recently interrogated by them about her "role" in what happened at the Capitol that day.

But you want to know what they were asking her about? They wanted to know why she posted a picture of Mel Gibson on Twitter.

They wanted to know why I tweeted a picture of Mel Gibson on the Patriot…

…[she shared something to the Committee like] We’ve been here six hours. I told you I was at the Capitol on Jan 6. I reported from the Cannon House Office Building and you never once asked me what I witnessed. Are you actually investigating the events of Jan 6?”

It was then that the attorneys claimed that they were investigating the violence that occurred on January 6, but Bobb called them out on it:

No, you’re not. Because I was there and I could tell you what I saw. I saw what happened…You are not targeting the violence of Jan 6. You are targeting conservatives…

It's true. If they were really investigating the violence, then what about Ray Epps? Why is this man still so protected and free to do as he pleases? He was literally caught on video inciting violence while other protesters who were there told him no and even called him out as being a Fed.

Bobb continued to explain her interview,

…I said well what about May of 2020 when President Trump had to go to the bunker of the White House because Democrat protesters had stormed the White House and they got far enough to the point where Secret Service said you have to go to the bunker? And then…Kamala Harris the very next day was tweeting out how to bail out these bad actors and then you have the audacity to support solitary confinement for these protesters for ten and a half months because they took a selfie at the Capitol. I said you should be ashamed of yourself.

In my opinion, this is very telling of what they are really all about and that's targeting conservatives, just as she said. The mess that happened at the White House when Democrats stormed the building was much more violent than what happened on January 6, 2021. For goodness sakes, President Trump had to go to the bunker and buildings were vandalized and a church was even burned all because of the radical left.

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