"It's a Wonderful Life" is Not So Wonderful, According to Ketanji Brown Jackson

If you ask Joe Biden, his Supreme Court Justice that he appointed, Ketanji Brown Jackson is the smartest person sitting on the Supreme Court.

We already know that Joe Biden is a terrible judge of character. For goodness sakes, he said that his crackhead son, Hunter Biden was the smartest person that he knows.

But this was put on full display this week as the Supreme Court listened to arguments regarding a case about a web designer who doesn't want to create wedding websites for same-sex couples.

First of all, let me just say that a business should have the right to refuse service to anyone that they wish for any reason. They may pay the consequences for it, but so be it. That's what living in a free country is about. When you compel someone to do something with their business that they don't want to do, that's not freedom.

So, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who doesn't even know what a woman is a rаcist as well and claimed that my favorite movie of all time, "It's a Wonderful Life" is fodder for white supremаcists.

“I want to do video depictions of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ and knowing that movie very well, I want to be authentic, and so only white children and families can be customers for that particular product. Everybody else can, I’ll give to everybody else I’ll sell them anything they want, just not the ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ depictions,” Ketanji Brown Jackson said. “I‘m expressing something, right? For the purposes of that speech. I can say anti-discrimination laws can’t make me sell ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ packages to non-white individuals.”

”This business wants to express its own view of nostalgia about Christmases past by reproducing classic 1940’s and 1950’s Santa scenes, they do it in sepia tone and they are customizing each one,” Ketanji Brown Jackson said.

It really is hard for me to believe sometimes that people, namely liberals, have gone so demented to not only hold idiotic views like this, but to elect these sorts of people to the highest court in the land to make important decisions in our everyday lives.

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