Iowa Mother Furious Over Drag Show at Her Child’s School Gives Board Members a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Long ago, the radical left began to take over the American school system. The progressive ideology was being imposed on the smallest of children, however discreetly at first. It is a deliberate plan to indoctrinate America's kids into a world system that is ruled by an elite.

Young people will resist being ruled by a totalitarian ruling elite if they respect the fundamental principles of a democratic society. Such a world system cannot exist as long as Americans are taught that God, family, and country are good, moral values.

The progressive left must brainwash the youth of America if it wants to rule the world. Despite all the pain and suffering, a pandemic may have saved America. Parents witnessed firsthand what their children were learning as a result of the way Marxist bureaucrats seized power and control through the use of a virus.

Professionals entrusted with the education of our children were exploiting their position in the classroom to steal their minds. Young children were taught to judge people based on the color of their skin. Children's minds were corrupted by distorted views about their own gender. Teachers aimed to confuse students on purpose.

Even though the pandemic allowed liberal bureaucrats to exercise control through forced mask mandates, the lockdown period opened parents’ eyes. They were outraged. Thousands have started attending school board meetings to express their anger.

The pushing of racial inequities through critical race theory was one issue. However, parents displayed total outrage over teachers exposing their children to weird sexual lifestyles. They’ve had enough. Parents in predominately Democrat-run cities have voted out liberal school board members.

Other parents are attending school board meetings to drive home their point. One parent in Iowa gave her local school board members a taste of their own medicine. Kimberly Reicks was furious that her school orchestrated a perverted drag queen show at her child’s school.

The bizarre, sexually based freak show took place last May at an Ankeny, Iowa public school. The Des Moines Register reported that “Ankeny High School’s Gay Straight Alliance hosted a drag performance. It was part of an after-school, end-of-year meeting.”

Guest performers were invited, some from the Iowa Youth Parade Pageant. However, school district administrators said the group did not have approval to host the performance. Furthermore, event organizers did not follow the Ankeny School District protocol.

Kimberly Reicks thinks this is a poor explanation and a lame excuse for blatant negligence of the school board’s duties to protect children. Reicks showed the board a poster of one of the sickest performers. She described this strange drag performer as a “Satanic worshiper.”

But then Reicks really drove home her point. She stepped back from the podium and opened her jacket. Underneath, Reicks was wearing the same disgusting outfit. She asked the board members one direct question: “I want to know: Does this outfit make you turn your head?”

This wasn’t an outfit an adult would approve, let alone an impressionable child. Reicks told the school board they should be p***ed off. If they weren’t, something was wrong with them. A man walked into a school wearing the same outfit that she stood in front of these adults wearing.

The board seemed dumbfounded. They should be. However, this is child abuse. School board members who allow this garbage must be held accountable. In the upcoming midterms, Republican candidates claim they will do just that.

Through the leadership of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republicans have put together a detailed list of policies they will make happen. The “Commitment to America” is similar to the “Contract with America” that propelled Newt Gingrich into the role of House Speaker in 1994.

One pledge is to restore a vital American value, the family. Republicans will no longer penalize the institution of marriage by reenacting valuable tax breaks for married couples. Conservative Republicans support the pro-life ideology, not the random killing of innocent unborn children.

But Republicans also support the parents of school-age children. They’ve had enough of the far-left’s brainwashing of America’s youth. In November, Americans can join the fight. A vote for Republicans will be a huge step towards saving America. But most of all, we will save our children.

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