Insane MSM Makes WILD Accusation About Trump Supporters Preparing for Battle

The Democrats know that their time is short they have until the end of 2022 to get their act together before the election if they have any hopes of preserving their lead in both the Senate and the House. Because as it stands right now they are going to lose control of everything if the elections are done fairly.

I don't think they're going to gain support and convince the majority of the population to elect Democrat rulers when our country is being run into the ground by these very Democrats.

In order for Republicans to win the majority in the Senate and the House all they have to do right now is let the Democrats destroy themselves. As I've said before the only way that I think the Democrats could hold on to the Senate and the House is if the elections are not fair.

However, in the meantime, the leftist mainstream media is doing all they can to drag President Trump and every conservative's name through the mud and vilify every single one of them.

MSNBC and The Atlantic are reporting that there are tens of millions of Trump supporters who are ready to take up arms for President Trump.

John Heilemann from MSNBC said,

“Fact, I think. The strength of that Gellman piece is it lays out this extraordinary reality that there is this research that shows something like 8% and maybe as many as 12% that say Joe Biden was illegitimate and violence is an appropriate tool to removing him and restoring Donald Trump. That’s between 20 and 30 million people. That’s a mass movement in America in favor of political violence, which is a new thing. We’ve been political violence before, lynching many things over the course of time that African-Americans have suffered, but this is 30 million people right now who are ready to take up arms. You put that together with what the president, the former president, and his allies are doing in the political realm, statehouses, state legislatures, and the party apparatus to be able to engineer a situation where they are in a stronger position to pull off a coup in 2024 than they were 2020. That’s not hyperbolic at all. Those are all facts.”

This is pure propaganda. This is literally the kind of crap you would see coming out of North Korea, and I'm not even exaggerating.

Sources: PJ Media

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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