Inept Biden Administration Finds a New Way to Destroy the Lives of Americans

If anyone wanted to sit down a draw up a plan to destroy a nation, all they’d need to do is follow Joe Biden’s feeble attempt to govern our great nation. It has been one cataclysmic disaster after another. Joe Biden and his bundling cast of bureaucrats can’t get a thing right.

Some wonder if anyone could be so obviously incompetent. We’re not all too certain that they’re not. The playbook to destroy the nation began with one swoosh of black magic marker when Biden erased a strong border policy laid in place during the Donald Trump administration.

President Trump had the U.S. southern border under control. Out of spite, or maybe by design, Joe Biden erased this successful policy. Biden has blundered many other things as well. He was entrusted with bringing the nation out of the pandemic.

Things got worse under Biden. In fact, if not for a handful of conservative governors using good judgment, we’d be in the middle of another full lockdown. Everyone certainly remembers the stress and anxiety caused by empty store shelves during the height of the pandemic.

Well, it appears putting that type of mental stress on Americans wasn’t enough. Now, Joe Biden’s buffoons have created a whole new supply side crisis for American consumers. Our ports are full of anchored vessels loaded with needed goods.

Store shelves are growing emptier and emptier, again. CNN insists Americans should not expect to shop like the “Before Times”.

Now it’s a problem with backlogged cargo ships at U.S. ports. The responsibility falls on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg, the former South Bend radical Democrat who tried to secure the Democrat nomination for president, has been a total fiasco.

Buttigieg’s performance as a Biden cabinet member has only been trumped by Joe Biden’s abysmal performance as his boss. It appears ineptitude breeds ineptitude within the Biden administration.

It’s almost as if the leader of the circus purposefully selected a cast of cabinet clowns to drag our great nation down. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has proven another colossal blunder by Biden.

However, Buttigieg’s ineptness is beginning to harm Americans at the core. We are no longer able to feed and clothe our families. Shelves are being depleted before they can be restocked with essentials.

CNN, the king of fake news, just blows it off as the price of doing business in America, post-pandemic. As the radical left’s ambition to destroy our nation unfolds, it’s growing increasingly clear that this is not as much a blunder of policy as a purposefully intended outcome.

This is not because of a pandemic or a problem in the production lines. Products are floating helplessly at our ports. The products are there, but the Biden administration has shoved so many mandates and regulations down our throats, there is a bottleneck in the process.

The bottleneck is leaving Americans scrambling to purchase many important items. Close to 20 percent of store shelves, normally full of grocery essentials, are empty. Now, massive stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club are going to limit consumer purchases.

This stockpile of products has suppliers telling grocery chains to expect limited quantities for the foreseeable future. The log jam at our ports may also create huge problems for Christmas shoppers. This is not directly a pandemic-created problem. These are difficult circumstances cast on Americans because of Joe Biden’s senseless pandemic and regulatory policies.

Consumers do not need to hear senseless reporting from fake news CNN about how they shouldn’t expect “Before Times” conditions. This is a strain on American consumers created by the ineptitude of Joe Biden. Add it to the list of strategies in his playbook to destroy American lives.

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