INCREDIBLE! Woman Trades Bobby Pin for a Free House (VIDEO)

Many years ago a man traded his way from having a red paperclip and ending up with a house.

Some of you might remember this guy and this thing because it was a pretty big deal when it happened. Just think about how insanely difficult it must have been to trade a single paperclip for something of a little more value over and over and over again until you finally end up with a house.

The man who did this, Kyle MacDonald, traded his red paperclip for a fish-shaped pen, then traded that for a funny looking doorknob, then a camp stove, then traded that for a generator, then traded it for an "instant party" which is a keg with a neon sign on it basically, then traded that for a snowmobile.

Then he traded the snowmobile for a van, then traded the van for recording contract, who then traded the contract for a 1 year rent free house in Phoenix. He then traded the rent free house for a year in order to get a meeting with Alice Cooper. He traded that meeting for a Kiss snowglobe which he then traded for a paid role in a movie, which he then traded for a house.

Well, guess what? Someone else decided that they could do something similar and traded a bobby pin for a free house.

TikToker Demi Skipper has successfully traded a bobby pin for a free house in Nashville, Tennessee.

The San Francisco native started the "Trade Me" project back on May 26 in 2020 on social media platforms TikTok and Instagram. Skipper then spent a year and a half with the mission to trade up by swapping items with higher and higher value until she could turn a bobby pin into a home.

Demi has acquired and given away everything from margarita glasses, an Xbox, a snowboard and more. She had even gotten her hands on a Wildbound Tiny Cabin and other items she traded up included a Honda CRV, three tractors and a $40,000 trailer with a Tesla Powerwall 2.

There really isn't anything stopping you or anyone else from doing the same. So, why not? Take the chance if you'd like. You never know how it may turn out.

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