If You Thought Jen Psaki Was Bad, Wait Until You See Who Is Replacing Her This Month

Jen Psaki, as most of you are know, will leave her position as White House Press Secretary on May 13, 2022, and Biden has finally confirmed who will take her place.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the current #2, will take her place, which comes as no surprise.

Let me just say this about Karine Jean-Pierre: she is awful. The only reason Biden chose her for the position is that she is both a lesbian and a black woman, making her a super-minority. She is White House Press Secretary Extreme with those abilities combined!

During a press conference late last year, she was asked about how the supply chain would be affected by the mаndates and the truckers who have quit and will be quitting as a result.

The reporter asked, "How do concerns about the supply chain, the possibility of workers maybe quitting because of these mаndates play into that decision and that timing?"

Jean-Pierre's response was,

"So, I mean, If you're asking if we think the rules impact supply chain, the answer is no. We don't think that it will. First of all, vаccine requirements work. We have talked about that we have given examples. Like, earlier adopters have seen strong compliance - 99% at United Airlines, 99 percent at Houston Methodist, 99.5% at Rutgers University..."

She really thought that losing truckers wouldn't affect the supply chain and as such she has failed to understand the heartbeat of our nation. Truckers are very important to our economy and the supply chain and without them, this country falls apart because there is no way to get goods from one place to another. She was wrong because it did affect the supply chain.

So, she doesn't know economics, what else? Well, she even blamed the supply chain clog on this "historic economic recovery" that we're apparently going through. Sorry, but it looks like we're heading toward another recession, in fact, we may already be in the recession and not even know it. The stock market has been selling off, home prices are sky high, interest rates are skyrocketing, food prices are skyrocketing, gas prices are still high, inflation is astronomic...but they call this "recovery".

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