'If I Get The Corona, I Get Corona' Spring Breaker Drunkenly Exclaims- Then Gets Covid-19

I can't exactly go out and bash a certain generation because I believe parents are the ones that influence that generation.

Let's face it we have had some rough times in the last 30 years with the parenting combo. I mean parents were getting arrested for spanking their children.

Well, guys, this is what happens.

You get self-entitled idiots.

According to Fox 8:

Five University of Tampa students are recovering after testing positive for COVID-19 during spring break, the school said.

The university said the students were traveling together and with other UT students during spring break before testing positive. The school didn’t say where they went during their break or if they lived on or off-campus.

The school did send its well wishes.

“We sincerely wish our students, and any others who may be affected, a full and rapid recovery,” UT posted on Twitter Saturday night.

The university switched to online classes only on March 17.

Most of these kids said they have planned their trips for a couple of months. Or it's their birthday. Or simply because they know the bars and beaches will be shut down so what the heck, lets party.

I completely understand how crappy it is for this virus to come out and ruin our fun and plans once it finally came warmer and sunny. I had many plans. Well, they are pretty much screwed now and they weren't planned a couple of months ago.

Try a year...

I hope all of you guys are being safe and enjoying your time at home or distancing yourselves from the majority of people. Myself, I have been fixing up my yard and my home. It will feel good once all this lockdown stuff is said and done to have a pretty home and functional yard.

Wash your hands, be safe.


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