Idaho Schools Ban Backpacks After Finding Gun — Students Hilariously Obey (VIDEO)

A student should never bring a gun to school. The only people who should be able to legally carry a firearm around school kids would be trained administrators. Teachers and administrative officials armed to protect students is a viable solution to school violence.

Nevertheless, no student should ever be permitted to carry any type of weapon. It simply opens the door to unnecessary violence. However, the methods of keeping kids carrying guns out of our schools have recently created a rather amusing outcome.

Last week, a Jefferson County, Idaho female student was caught with a gun stashed in her backpack. The 13-year-old girl was rightfully taken into custody. Again, carrying a gun to school should be against school policy and enforced vigorously.

In this instance, it appears that it was. However, the problem is with the rest of the story. It appears school administrators came to the profound conclusion that backpacks were the problem. It wasn’t the girl’s fault, at least according to the new rules that ensued.

It was because she was allowed to carry a backpack that a dangerous firearm was inside the school building. Furthermore, it’s the backpack’s fault. What’s the solution a handful of Idaho schools decided was good policy? They opted to ban ALL backpacks. We are serious.

These dumbfounded solutions cannot be made up. Idaho school officials were already reactionary after a shooting last May. No one should minimize how important this issue is. But their answer to solve the problem wasn’t to raise the consequences for carrying a firearm to school.

The answer they derived as logical was to discipline students who carry backpacks. Of course, this new punitive policy affects virtually every school age kid. If, as a levelheaded adult, you think the policy was overkill, look at how the students felt about the idea.

When pressed with a problem of carrying their essential school supplies to and from school, some became rather inventive. The halls of a handful of Idaho schools were filled with baby strollers, laundry baskets, coolers, mail room carts, and even a real shopping cart.

@sav.bag innovation at its finest #iwantmybackpack #rigbyhighschool ♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

My how kids can be resourceful when pressed with a problem. One kid took the load off his back by stacking his books and supplies on a sled, pulling it behind him down the hallway. Now to point out the obvious, the problem of gun concealment wasn’t fixed at all.

Just as easy to hide a firearm at the bottom of a mini Peppa Pig lunchbox, as it would be inside a backpack. Idaho isn’t the only school system considering this preposterous policy to prevent firearms from being carried into their classrooms.

Kids in Texas, Illinois and Ohio have also been told to master an alternative way to carry their books and school essentials. We reaffirm the seriousness of the issue. However, it would help if a serious solution could be applied to the problem.

One would think the educators and administrators running our schools would be more inventive than the children they’re entrusted. What might be the next solution we see? Maybe kids can bring back the leather belt straps to roll up their books, but don’t forget to roll up a pack of Lucky Strikes inside your t-shirt sleeve kids. Just to present that rebel image, you know.

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