HYSTERICAL! Biden Screws Up On Live Television And Gets Hammered For It


It is absolutely hysterical when someone refers to bullets as clips especially when they are talking to millions of people. Joe Biden made just that mistake and made himself look absolutely stupid.

Crazed leftest often time refer to magazines (ammunition feeding devices) as "clips" but Biden made a rough statement and referred bullets as clips. He caught himself very quickly.

CSPAN published a video from the campaign stop, where Biden said, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but nobody says you can have a magazine with 100 clips in it.” He quickly added, “100 bullets in it.”

From Breitbart:

On November 5, Breitbart News reported Biden’s demand that the U.S. Senate vote on Democrat gun control.

On October 29, Breitbart News reported Biden’s plan that AR-15 and “high capacity” magazine owners either surrender their rifles and feeding devices to law enforcement, or register them with the government.

On October 5, Breitbart News reported that Biden wants people to be able to sue firearm manufacturers for crimes committed with their products. The manufacturers of firearms that are legally made and sold are currently protected from frivolous suits via the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005). Biden said, “No other outfit in history has gotten this kind of protection,” and he claimed the suits would result in “change overnight,” if he were elected president.

Joe Biden is so against firearms that he has even gone so far as saying that a victim of a shooting could go after the gun manufacturers. Imagine someone breaking into your home and you taking a stand for your home, family, and they win a case by suing the gun manufacturer and you. That wouldn't be fair at all for the parties involved.

Biden needs a wake-up call quick! I believe we as Americans have a right to our guns and to protect ourselves. The world can be a scary place.

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