Hypocrite Romney Slams Hunter Biden Probes Despite Own Ties to Burisma

Sen. Mitt Romney has once again made headlines for going against his Republican colleagues, this time by condemning the Republican-controlled House for launching investigations into Hunter Biden.

In an interview with The Bulwark, Romney stated that he believes these investigations are a waste of time and resources. However, Romney's comments are hypocritical, considering that his own top advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, was on the board of Burisma Holdings at the same time as Hunter Biden.

This alone should make Romney hesitant to criticize investigations into Hunter Biden. Furthermore, Romney's support for investigations only extends to those that don't involve individuals with whom he has a personal connection, as evidenced by his vote in favor of creating the January 6 Committee to investigate the events of the Capitol incident.

Overall, Romney's condemnation of investigations into Hunter Biden appears to be motivated by his own interests rather than a genuine concern for the use of time and resources.

Romney's comments come after Republican members of the Oversight and Reform Committee vowed to launch an investigation into Hunter Biden's business dealings involving his father, Joe Biden. In response to these upcoming House investigations, Hunter Biden is reportedly planning to go on the offensive and is preparing to sue Fox News, Eric Trump, and Rudy Giuliani for defamation.

It's clear that Romney is no longer the face of the Republican party, and that the party has been transformed for the better by President Trump. Romney's actions and words show that he is more interested in protecting his own interests and connections than in standing with his fellow Republicans.

He's also willing to criticize investigations into his own political allies and even use his power in the Senate to launch investigations of those he disagrees with. Ultimately, Romney's actions show that he is out of touch with Republican voters and should no longer be taken seriously by members of the GOP.

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