Hypocrite Anti-Gun Democrat Has Guns Stolen from Home

If you've been reading our articles for very long, then you certainly know that I can't stand hypocrisy. People acting in hypocritical manners is among the top of the list of things that I just have no tolerance for.

To tell someone to not do something, but then to do it yourself, or to proclaim to be against one thing, but at the same time doing that very thing, is rank hypocrisy.

In my opinion, any member of Congress who exercising such hypocrisy should be subject to removal from their high places.

One of the most recent examples of this comes from Democrat Rep. Karen Bass.

The New York Post reported,

California congresswoman Karen Bass, who is also running for mayor of Los Angeles, said on Saturday that two guns were stolen from the home.

Rep. Bass, 68, released a statement that said she came home Friday to find her home in Baldwin Vista burglarized. The guns — which had been “safely and securely stored” — were missing.

The crook or crooks left behind cash, electronics and other valuables, according to the LA Times.

“It’s unnerving and, unfortunately, it’s something that far too many Angelenos have faced,” the Democrat added.

The lawmaker did not specify what type of firearms were missing. A spokeswoman told the paper they had been secured in a lockbox.

Wait just a minute...isn't she against guns? Well, if you look at her voting record, yes, she certainly is. She has even voted against gun rights 100% of the time!

She has voted to ban large capacity ammunition and to repeal "stand your ground" laws.

Here's something that's interesting about this though. I think that it's likely that Bass knows the person who stole the guns. They were locked up in a certain location and nothing else was missing. They didn't take money or jewelry, only the guns. For a burglar to go in and go for the hardest thing to get would be ridiculous. If I were a burglar, I wouldn't go for the most difficult thing and run the risk of leaving empty handed. I would go for the quick and easy stuff with the most value.

Photo Credit: Cory Barnes

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