Husband Gets The Ultimate Revenge on Wife's Rapist

One night a couple experienced something that you would never think would happen. Certainly not to themselves. Something you would only read about.

They were enjoying a fun night out with some friends at a local restaurant one night. Around 1 a.m. the Wife decided she was ready to head home. So she walked home with her husband about 10 minutes behind.

He walked up to a grisly scene too close to home...

Written from Fox News,

Reports say the couple were spending time with their friends at a local restaurant. At about 1 a.m. the wife left, with her husband following ten minutes later.

But as she walked near her apartment block, the 25-year-old rapist, Dmitry Ivchenko, allegedly attacked her from behind while covering her mouth.

When the victim’s husband reached the apartment block, he heard noises coming from the bushes and claimed to see Ivchenko squeezing his victim’s throat while raping her.

The furious husband then allegedly attacked the rapist and hit him on the head with a fist, before grabbing his Swiss army knife and chopping his penis off, local media report.

It is just insane... A Swiss Army knife... WOW!

The enraged Husband blacked out as he does not remember doing the unthinkable to any man. Granted it was very much deserved.

“The husband lost the ability to control his actions. He did not understand what he was doing. After the incident, the husband was in a state of shock and just walked away. He walked about 13 kilometers (eight miles) and reached a neighboring village. There he met an acquaintance and asked to drive him to a police station,” said the husband’s attorney.

He now faces up to 8 years of jail time and is under house arrest. What would you do if you saw your wife being raped or a female family member? I feel like justice was served to the rapist. Hopefully, the husband gets off easily.

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