Hurricane Laura Kills Five in Louisiana and Texas and Leaves Widespread Wind Damage in Both States

Hurricane Laura is extremely powerful and ripped through Louisiana and as far eastern Texas, killing at least five people so far. It's tearing off roofs, taking down trees and knocking out power for hundreds of thousands as the category storm rages through Louisiana.

The hurricane touched down at 1 am with winds up to 150 mph devastating southern Louisiana communities for miles.

Louisiana's Lake Charles, littered with storm damage from Laura, also is dealing with what the governor said was a chemical fire at a plant in the area, with large plumes of smoke rising in the sky late Thursday morning.

Communities some 35 miles from the coast are littered with debris from widespread wind destruction. Across the city, roofs and walls are damaged, trees are snapped, twisted and broken; steel poles and lampposts are bent; street signs are torn from the ground.

According to DailyMail

Hurricane Laura has killed at least five people, including a 14-year-old girl, after trees fell on their homes when the Category 4 storm system smashed into Louisiana and Texas with 150mph winds, leaving 800,000 without power and residents in Lake Charles are told to stay inside after a huge chemical fire erupted at a chlorine plant.

Laura made landfall at 1 am with the strongest winds that Louisiana has seen since 1856 and warnings that the storm could rip apart buildings and penetrate up to 200 miles inland.

The hurricane's first reported fatality was a 14-year-old girl in Leesville, Louisiana, who died when a tree fell on her house, Governor John Bel Edwards revealed.

Just hours later, three more fatalities were reported due to falling trees in Louisiana, including a 60-year-old man and another man in Jackson Parish.

Texas recorded its first fatality in Texas on Thursday afternoon. One person died in Sabine County after the hurricane tore through East Texas. The person died after a tree fell through their mobile home.

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