Hunter's Legal Team Is 'Angry & Dejected' After Rejected Plea

Judge Maryellen Noreika's rejection of Hunter Biden's plea deal to avoid a prison sentence did not just mark a legal setback for the president's son; it was a chaotic three-hour court hearing that revealed noticeable divisions amongst those on Biden's side.

After the hearing, Biden's legal team gave off an impression of dejection as the tension between the lawyer's side and the prosecutor's side was evident. Biden's legal team appeared unhappy with the outcome as they felt it seemed that the judge was determined to not let the plea agreement come through.

The intense questioning of both sides displayed a discrepancy between Biden's legal team and prosecutors when it came to the terms of the plea deal. Biden's legal team was of the opinion that the plea deal was linked to a gun charge against Biden, whereas prosecutors put forth the argument that the plea deal had nothing to do with the gun charge.

One legal team member compared Judge Noreika to Judge Lance Ito who judged the O. J. Simpson trial and noted how he failed to keep control and order in the courtroom. Some of Biden's legal team observed how the judge was appointed by former President Trump and inferred that politics must come into play as the Republicans on Capitol Hill step up their investigations into Biden and his father.

Chris Clark, one of the attorneys from Biden's team, mentioned the years of investigation that had gone on before in regard to Biden's taxes and the 10-hour-long meetings to go over the tax documents. Hunter Biden himself was visibly frustrated as he wanted the ordeal to come to an end. Judge Noreika tried to placate the situation by apologizing to Biden and explaining that more information was needed in order to get it right.

Renown D.C. lawyer Abbe Lowell was also present in the courtroom and gradually inserted himself into the proceedings. Lowell was previously in the position of handling Biden's congressional inquiries and upon realizing the situation he was thrust into, he mumbled: "I'm involved in the fray now. I was hoping not to be."

The Justice Department has indicated that their investigation of Biden is still ongoing and that House Republicans plan to pursue their own investigations into the case and the Bidens' foreign business dealings. It is decreed that the political and legal issues concerning Hunter Biden will remain in the public consciousness for a while.

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