Hunter Biden's Wife in Denial About Laptop from Hell, "It Doesn't Exist"

It still amazes me that Democrats are so brazen to just flat out lie about some of the most obvious things.

I promise you, that if it fit their agenda, then would look you in the eyes and tell you that the sky is red during the day and turtle at night. They have no shame whatsoever. It really makes you wonder if there is something not clicking right in their brains.

We haven't heard too much about Hunter Biden recently thanks to his daddy being in the White House now, but don't confuse that with him being exonerated or anything. He's guilty of everything that has been exposed.

We've seen the photos. We've seen the videos. We've seen the text messages and emails. We've seen it all thanks to the "Laptop from Hell" as it's being referred to as.

However, with as much evidence that we have against him, Hunter Biden's wife, Melissa Cohen, told reporters that the laptop doesn't even exist.

Umm...what? So where does she think all of these videos, photos, and emails came from? Did someone just create them to make Hunter look bad? Does she really think someone pulled a Steele dossier-type of approach and made up a bunch of incriminating pieces of evidence to try and ruin his life like the left did to President Trump? For goodness sakes, even the FBI confirmed that they had it.

According to Breitbart,

The New York Post reported that journalists questioned the couple about the laptop, asking them, “Hunter did you get your laptop back?”

Cohen told the reporters, “It doesn’t exist,” and Biden responded by saying, “There’s always a smart-ass in the bunch.”

Cohen’s remarks contradict Biden’s statements from an April 2021 interview with CNN where he said, “There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me.” Biden also discussed Russian hackers as a possibility.

The FBI seized Hunter’s laptop in April 2019 after he left it at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

She's in denial. She doesn't want to admit that the man she loves is the man that we've seen in videos and photos.

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